The Koller award 2014

The Koller award has been established by Edit Koller in memory of György Koller the founder of our gallery

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István Orosz and Guntars Sietins

Coming mid September

Sculpture garden

Over decades the sculpture garden has been an essential part of our gallery.

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Try our new apps!

Download our new iPhone,  ipad and Android App - completely in English and free or charge!

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Welcome to our homepage

Our gallery celebrated its 60th anniversary in the year 2013. Have a look at all the new features and happenings

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  • Our latest news

    Koller award 2014 - ceremony in the Vigadó Gallery (Budapest)

    In memoriam György Koller (1924-1996).

    "He loved Art and Life. That love lives on in this award."

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  • Our exhibitions

    Imre Molnár - Unique graphics

    14/07/2014 - 17/08/2014

    In our Minerva room we present you unique ink drawings by Imre Molnár. The across border Hungarian graphical artist came from Subotica (Serbia). Read more

  • Amerigo Tot Research Center

  • Jenő Remsey Research Center

  • István Csebi Pogány Research Center