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Szabó, Vladimir: Bathing
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Although a significant part of Vladimir Szabó's oeuvre is recorded as a painter, his graphics: pencil drawings and etchings, a smaller proportion of his paintings. His painting is thematic in nature, unfolding regardless of avant-garde trends. The intellectual heirs of his art include artists such as Gulácsy and Csontváry, whose unique vision and visual world have left a deep imprint on Vladimir Szabó's painting. He mixed his images, nourished by the color experiences of post-impressionism, with the naive, realist sometimes surrealistic features of the creator in an excellent way.
In his drawings and paintings alike, the same circles of motifs return in a kind of tasteful narrative mood. In addition to the animal (horses and dogs) and the human world (well-dressed ladies, or even naked young girls), we see the material-natural props of memory, the forests, hills, lakes surrounding untouched nature.
We see a group of girls dressed in their multi-faceted oil painting "Bathers" in the company of their puppies in the middle of a dense forest as they juggle cheerfully behind the idyllic scene. and is characterized by objective depictions of people and landscapes.
The brownish-reddish color of his oil-painted life picture can remind us of Gulácsy's color scheme, while the composition reflects the influence of Csontváry.


Artist Szabó, Vladimir (1905 - 1991)
Title Bathing
Technique oil on cardboard
Year of creation 1979
Signed signed: Szabó Vladimir 1979
Width 70 cm
Height 60 cm
Depth cm
Weight (scuptures) kg
This artwork comes with certificate
Unique piece
Framed artwork

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