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Boldi Dove

Boldi: Dove
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The soaring bird of the beautiful freedom, the „herald” of the soul and peace, it has abstract and clear-out shape and it is simple.
The statue is created in a closed form order, it is perfectly polished, it has smooth surface and it shows classical visualization of the shape. It represents a high-level conventional artwork.
The bronze pigeon lifts up her head like she would like to secede from the mundane being towards the sky.
During its creation the tangibility has the same relevance as the form and light effect.
One of the main endeavor of Boldizsár Szmrecsányi is to bring out the beauty from the fine materials to stablish a substantive and clear-out sculpture.
By following the Brancus-type tradition he only hacks the block as much as necessary.
His “Dove” titled statue is also characterized with a block-type, and fundamental simplicity.
We can discover in his artworks the impression of some international classicists like Henri Matisse, Aristide Maillol French sculptor and Fernando Botero.
The white marble public square version of the artwork was inaugurated for the memory of the 1956’s revolution in Budapest, in Gesztenyés Garden.

This artwork comes with certificate
Limited, numbered edition


Artist Boldi (1970 - )
Title Dove
Technique bronze
Year of creation 2010
Signed on the base
Condition perfect
Limited 8/8


Width 21 cm
Height 17 cm
Depth 15 cm
Weight kg

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