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Kornél, Sámuel: Eva
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Sculptor Kornél Samuel cast into bronze the figure of a young woman who is standing in a graceful posture holding an apple in her hand, her other hand is resting next to her thigh. The sculptor models this statue in a classic versus post.The female figure places her centre of gravity on her left leg, and she gently tilts her head to the side. Her delicate charming face is framed by greek lock of hair. EVA personifies progenitress of humanity.Kornél Samuel depicts EVA as a beautiful woman who is one of the protagonists of the creation story, companion of Adam.The apple which we can see in her left hand is forbidden fruit of the garden of Eden of the Bible. According to well-known Old Testament story listening to the word of the snake , EVA tears off the forbidden fruit of the tree of Eden. The apple was tasted by both of the couple . As a punishment the Lord drove them out of the paradise. Perhaps, that’s why the movement of the female figure is restrained, her face shows childish gentleness. Kornél Samuel portrays EVA as a young girl, as the victim of ignorance and innocence. In this piece we can observe the simple creation of the forms of giving construction of the body, and the forms Creating the caracter of the figures movement. In the contrast to the sculpture which was followed by Rodin and his followers, Kornél Samuel worked with, focusing ont he nature of the material, with accurate observatoin of forms. In the sculpture we can see the influence of Adolf von Hildebrand, member of German School of Munich . The artist strives for the purity of forms. In this sculpture the subtle rhythm and harmony can be felt from every view. Kornél Samuel was a promising talent of Hungarian Sculptors at the begining of the 19th century. His main work is made of special material , of bronze. His late work was first made of plaster . Later on the sculpture , graven in ebony wood, was exibited in Ernst Museum in 1913. A copy of this beautiful work can also be seen in Hungarian National Gallery.

This artwork comes with certificate
Limited, numbered edition


Artist Kornél, Sámuel (1883 - 1914)
Title Eva
Technique bronze
Year of creation ~1910
Signed Sámuel C.
Condition perfect
Limited 8


Width 14 cm
Height 45 cm
Depth 8 cm
Weight kg

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