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Csáki, Róbert Favorite

Csáki, Róbert: Favorite
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In the centre of Csáki’s painting is a female figure wearing a translucent wedding dress. Her dress is decorated with colorful flowers, ribbons, braids, her head is wearing floral ornament. Close to her ,her companion is a puppy. Behind the girl and her favorite a shadow of dark bushes is seen.
A bird is sitting among the brunches. The vegatation here and there – like in a farytale – colours blue and gray backround with pink and red flowers. The blurred, swirling, vortical spots show a dream wored. The transient figures of Csáki are floating. In Csáki’s surreal wored, the fog-like backround is prehaps a gate. The figures painted with subtle brush are partly real and partly disenbodied spirit figures. We do not see the face, the strange body which is hardly seen is unreal. We are insecure because the artist takes us into a world that is familiar, never the less misterious. Facelessness is an unrecognizable symbol. Anything may hide behind the mask : Beautifull may change to ugly. A pritty pride maybe seen a monster. The body covered with loose veils is transient, face which is flowing down in front of us like rainwater on the widowpane is blurring just like time and our memories and dreams. In this world of Csáki dream imagination and memories take shape and are transformed into bizarre image. His picture tilted „Favorite” is characterized by a dark deep toned colors like grey, blue, red, in which figures of the girll and her puppy shine with dazzling whiteness. The illusoric backround and the figures curl up in this space. Their existence is uncertain, they are vulnerable to another dimension. The young girl and her dog wonder in this dream world as if they couldn’t find place in this surreal world. In spite of this in Csáki’s painting reigns harmony. The artist’s work which are characterized by peculiar dream and by dreamlike colors and forms – world being worthy of greatmasters – are put ont he canvas with brilliant brushwork. The vision like work of Csáki who draws on classic painting recalls us to reminds us of works Golya, Turner even Gulácsy, but from the point of you of a modern artist, Csáki.

This artwork comes with certificate
Unique piece


Artist Csáki, Róbert (1964 - )
Title Favorite
Technique oil on canvas
Year of creation 2016
Signed Csáki
Condition perfect
Provenance from the artist


Width 120 cm
Height 160 cm
Depth 5 cm
Weight 4 kg

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