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Gyulai, Líviusz In the vineyards, anno...

Gyulai, Líviusz: In the vineyards, anno...
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Livius Gyulai’s life is inspired by his passion for reading from his childhood. His ironic graphics full of fun and joy of life were most often inspired by works of literature. His drawings are equivalent to the written works they are not a purely illustrations. The artist’s long carrier is extremly devirse and varried : It consist of pendrawings, linocuts, etchings, litographs for books, illustrations for annimated films. Gyulai Livius illustrating the famous work of Sandor Weöres entilted „Narcissus and Psyche” demonstrated his sense of an exelent style. His litography with the title „The vineyard anno...” bears the marks of the rococo style. In the picture showing a scene of village life a young man wearing a strow hat is lying in the shade of trees. Smoking his pipe he is playing the zither, behind him a basket full of fruits is seen, on the vine stocks the grape is hanging in bunches. In the distance the barren peak of hill covered with grapes is seen. The idillic scene suggest a joy of life harmony. This is a typical genre picture. Gyula’s pictures in general suggest humor express positive wordview. He demonstrates his ability to see beauty of life and also his ability to make life be seen. His works are made by graphic procedure based on the principle of flat printing with a technique of stone printing, which remind us the old times. Thanks for not only his black and white technique but also for his approach to art. „I am a kind of traveler but never just a traveler, and I whish – and I know this wish is more and more unattainable – to spend time in the world of any of my works.”


Artist Gyulai, Líviusz (1937 - 2021)
Title In the vineyards, anno...
Technique lithograph
Year of creation 2000
Signed e.a. XXV/X, Gyulai Liviusz
Limited XXV./X.
Width 31 cm
Height 42 cm
Depth cm
Weight (scuptures) kg
This artwork comes with certificate
Limited, numbered edition
Framed artwork

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