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Bálint, Endre




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Bálint Endre was born on October 27th of 1914 in Budapest. Between 1930 and 1934, he attended the School for Applied Arts, in 1935 the Vaszary János Private School, and from 1936 he studied privately with Vilmos Aba Novák. Throughout his career he recieved numerous awards, such as the Unesco-award in 1972, Merited Artist in 1973, Outstanding Artist in 1982, the Kossuth-award in 1985, etc.
Bálint started his career as a commercial graphical artist, but in the last few years of his studies his interest turned towards painting. From 1936 he was a member of the Young Artists of Szentendre, and in 1938 he already exhibited a collection. Nevertheless, it is difficult to get a full picture of his work, as Bálint destroyed most of his paintings himselfThe war caused a pause in his career, but from 1945 he devoted himself to his art again.
He was a founding member of the European School. In 1956 he was elected secretary of the Association of Fine Arts, and he took part in the organization of the Spring Exhibition of 1957. Soon after he left for Paris. From 1959 on his most important works were born, such as "Vándorlegény útra kel", "Csodálatos halászat", "Népligeti álom” and "Itt már jártam valaha I-II".
Bálint lived in Budapest most of his life, except for the years between 1957-1961, which he spent in Paris.
He passed away on May 3rd of 1986 in Budapest.
Year Biography
1914 Born in Budapest
1930-1934 School of Applied Arts, advertising graphics training
1930-1934 School of Applied Arts, advertising graphics training
1935 Student at János Vaszary's Private School
1936 Studied with Vilmos Aba Novák
1957-1961 Apart from his stay in Paris he was living in Budapest
1958 Appeared in the edition Édition Labergerie with
  ~ more than a thousand illustration of the Jerusalem Bible
From 1959     he made significant paintings
  for example: the Bachelor started to travel (1959),
  Wonderful fishing (1960)
  Dream of Népliget (1960)
  I've been here ever I-II. (1960).
1986 He died in Budapest
1960 Illustration Competition First Prize, Edinburg
1971 Graphic Biennial III. award
1972 In Memoriam Bartók contest grand prize, Debrecen
1972 UNESCO Nationals award, Cagnes-sur-Mer
1973 Graphics Biennial III. prize, Miskolc
1973 merited artist
1975 Order of work gold grades
1982 outstanding Artist
1985 Kossuth Prize
  Single exhibition
1999 Ráday Gallery, Budapest
1998 Vintage Gallery, French Institute, Budapest
1995 Montages, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1994 22 pictures from the legacy of Mrs. Antal Serbian,
  Pegasus Art Gallery, Erdész Gallery, Szentendre
1992 Montage, St. Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár
1986 House of Arts, Szekszárd
1985 County House of Culture and Youth Centre, Szolnok
  Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna
  Workshop Gallery of Szentendre, Szentendre
  Hungarian Institute, Warsaw
  Csikász Gallery, Veszprém
1984 Kunsthalle, Budapest
1983 Gallery of Miskolc, Miskolc
  Gallery of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary
  Fészek Club, Budapest
  Gulácsy Gallery, Budapest
1982 Workshop Gallery of Szentendre, Szentendre
  Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Cellár Gallery , Óbuda
  Cultural Center of Erzsébetváros, Budapest
1981 County Cultural Center, Reservation
  Csontváry Room, Pécs
  Imre Madách Cultural Center, Vác
  Szentendre Gallery
  Uitz Room, Dunaújváros
  Nádasdy Castle, Sárvár
1980 Bartók Cultural Center, Szeged
1979 Workshop Exhibition,
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Helicon Gallery, Budapest
  Ferenc Erkel Museum, Gyula
  Library, Szombathely
1977 Jokai Club, Budapest
  András Jósa Museum, Nyíregyháza
1976 Somogyi Gallery, Kaposvar
  Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
1975 Artist Colony Gallery, Szentendre
  Hungarian Institute, Warsaw
1974 Mora Ferenc Museum and Art Gallery, Szeged
  School of Economics Club, Budapest
1973 Uitz Room, Dunaújváros
1972 Herman Otto Museum, Miskolc
  Art Gallery, Budapest
1971 Art Gallery of Győr, Győr
1970 Modern Hungarian Gallery, Pécs
  Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen
1968 Galerie Anne Colin, Paris
  Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest
1967 PPF Club, Budapest
  Balassa Museum, Esztergom
  Cultural Relations Institute, Budapest
1965 Rákosligeti Cultural Center, Budapest
1964 College of Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
1963 Jokai Club, Budapest
1962 Studio Exhibition, Clamart
1961 Galerie "1 bis quai aux fleurs", Paris
1960 Galerie les contemporains, Brussels
1959 Galerie Furstenberg, Paris
  Galerie Art et Tradition Chrétienne, Paris
  Galerie les contemporains, Brussels
1958 Galerie t'Oud, Wevershuys, Amersfoort
  Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
1957 G. Espace, Haarlem
1948 European School, Budapest
1947 Creuza Galerie, Paris
  European School, Budapest
1946 European School, Budapest
1942 Ámos studio, Budapest
1938 Tamás Gallery, Budapest
  Selected group exhibitions
1981 Béla Bartók anniversary exhibition, Duisburg
1973 Galerie D 15 (NOR)
1961 Groupe Saint-Luc, Paris
1956 The exhibition of the artist group Hetek,
  Christian Museum, Esztergom
1947 Hungarian artist representative fine art
  exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest
  The two faces of the artist, Art Creation House, Budapest
  Fifty-artist exhibition at the National Salon, Budapest
  Our Fine Arts since the liberation, Metropolitan
  Gallery, Budapest
  Contemporary Art Exhibition, Budapest
  Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme,
  Galerie Maeght, Paris
  Réalité Nouvelle, Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris
1946 Young Hungarian artists, Municipal Gallery, Budapest
1945 Spring exhibition of the Socialist and Workers
  Ernst Museum, Budapest
  The artists of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party's Artists Society
  and the invited artists exhibition,
  Ernst Museum, Budapest
1942 The People and the Freedom, Vasas Headquarters
  New Society of Artists' Exhibition
1941 New Society of Artists' Exhibition
1940 New Society of Artists' Exhibition
1938 Szinyei Merse Society Youth Salon
  Works in public collections
  Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre
  Municipal Gallery, Budapest
  Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc
  Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely.

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