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Balla, Margit



Margit Balla was born in 1947 in Budapest. Between 1969 and 1974 she studied at the College of Applied Arts as a tipography student of István Balogh, József Finta and György Konecsni. In 1982 she worked at the artist colony of Worpswede, and in 1984, at the Hungarian Academy of Rome, on scholarship. She has been teaching at the  Javne Jewish Community School since 1991. She is one of the leaders of the Javne Theatre.

Margit Balla started her career as a graphic designer, working mostly on movie posters. Since 1981 she has been painting, creating graphics, illustrating books and making small statues from objects she finds.

She also designs costumes and stage scenery for the Szigliget Theatre of Szolnok. 

Her art consists of meticulous pencil, pen and ink drawings, touched by surrealism. Her especially rhythmic compositions depict plant motifs, fantastic creatures, puppet-like figures, people, animals and architectural elements as well. They possess very unique eclecticism and symbolism. In her art, everyday reality is mixed with a fictional world.


Year Biography
1947 Born in Budapest
1969-1974 Hungarian Academy for Applied Arts, specialised on typography
1984 Worked at the Hungarian Academy in Rome
  Teachers: István Balogh, József Finta, György Konecsni
2002 Theatre Critics's award, for the best children's and youth performances
1982 Scholarship, Worpswede Art Colony
1980 Best poster of the year award, Hungarian National Gallery
  Studio-award, Pécs
1979 Tihany Statuette Biennial award
  Single exhibition
2010 Circus
2010 Pencil pictures, brush drawings
2006 Age-images
2005 Contrasts
2004 Waldsee 1944 - International Postcards Exhibition
1996 Biblical World Gallery
1995 Aquincum Hotel, Budapest
1993 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1992 Hungarian Culture Home, Helsinki
1990 Cultural Center, Jerusalem
1989 Miskolci Gallery, Miskolc
1988 Ars Longa, Aachen (D)
  Art Gallery, Budapest
1985 Schwabenlandhalle, Felbach (D)
  Dresdner Bank, Landau (D)
1983 Horizont Gallery, Budapest
  Óbudai PinceGallery, Budapest
1982 Galerie im Flottbeck, Hamburg
  Galerie Philine-Vogeler Haus Park, Worpswede (D)
1981 Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
  Galerie an der Düssel, Düsseldorf
  Galerie K am Rudolfplatz, Köln
1980 Galerie Wolfrum, Vienna
  Galerie Rutzmoser, Munich
  Bács-Kiskun County Council Gallery, Kecskemét
  Galerie D'Egelantier, Amszterdam
1979 Youth House, Szeged
  Galerie K am Rudolfplatz, Köln
1978 Öffentliche Bücherhallen, Hamburg
  Galerie am Flottbeck, Hamburg
1977 Galerie K am Rudolfplatz, Köln
1975 Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
  Selected group exhibitions
1989 Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár
1988 Art Gallery, Budapest
1987 Art Gallery, Budapest
  Galerie der Künstler, Munich
from 1986 Nógrádi Museum, Salgótarján
1986 III. International Statuette Triennial, Schwabenlandhalle, Felbach
  100+1 years old the Hungarian poster, Art Gallery Budapest
1984 Surrealist graphics, Óbuda Gallery, Budapest
1983 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1982 Art Gallery, Budapest
  Hungarian Graphics, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
1981 Trends 1970-1980, Óbuda Gallery, Budapest
1980 Art and society, Art Gallery, Budapest
  Best posters of the year, Art Gallery, Budapest
  2000-2010, Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc
1979 Hungarian graphics '78, Hungarian National Gallery
1978 Színház téri Gallery, Szeged
  VI. International Graphical Biennial, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze
from 1976 Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
from 1975 Jubilee Art Exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest
  Jubilee Poster Exhibitions, Art Gallery, Budapest
1973 National Graphical Biennial, Miskolci Gallery, Miskolc
1972, 1974 International Poster Biennial, G. Zacheta, Varsó
  Works in public collection
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Nógrád Museum, Salgótarján
  National Széchenyi Libray, Budapest
  Petőfi Literary Mueum, Budapest
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