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Boromissa, Tibor




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Tibor Boromisza was born in 1880 in Bácsalmás. Between 1903 and 1907 he studied and worked at the Free School of Nagybánya. From 1906 he created his unique intonation works in the neo style of Nagybánya, he had several collective exhibitions in Budapest and in the country as well. Between 1909 and 1914 he settled in Nagybánya. In 1911 he was excommunicated from the colony, as he came into conflict with the member of the first generation, because of his principles of the Nagybánya colony’s reform. Until 1918 he lived in Szatmárnémedi, after the First World War in Budapest, between 1945 and 1953 he lived in Keszthely, and then, until his death he lived and worked in Szentendre. In the memorial house of Szentendre a permanent exhibition can be viewed. After 1945 he painted decorative watercolors, which were based on Nagybánya “Neo” traditions.

The rich colors and the movement toward secession was early characteristic of him, but eventually won the special form of reduction, his symbol elements using Post-impressionism. He felt comfortable both the figure and the landscape representation.

Year Biography
1880 he was born in Bácsalmás
1903-1907 Free school of Nagybánya
1906 he created his unique intonation works in the neo style of Nagybánya
1909-1914 he settled in Nagybányán
1933 he started the "Eke" illustrated journals, that published writings and pictures of peasants
1927-1930 he studied the Hortobágy's landscapes and the lives of shepherds
1945-1953 he lived in Keszthelyen, then until his death he lived and worked in Szentendre
  His teachers: Simon Hollósy, Károly Ferenczy, János Thorma, IStván Réti, Béla Iványi-Grünwald
  Single exhibitions
1995 Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc
1980 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1962 Permanent Memorial Exhibition, Szentendre
1946 Museum of Keszthely, Keszthely
1928, 1929 National Salon, Budapest
1906, 1914 Kálmán Könyves Society's Salon
1907, 1908 the "MIÉNK" Society
  Works in public collections
  Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre
  Capital Gallery, Budapest
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

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