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Hús, Zoltán




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Zoltán Hús was born in 1949 in Budapest. Between 1964 and 1968 he was the student of the College for Fine and Applied Arts. In 1976 he graduated from the Theological College of Esztergom. Between 1980 and 1994 he lived in New York and Hollywood, where he turned away from the modernist ambitions, and his interest approached for the ancient masters, which formed his individual painting technical and visual perceptions.

Zoltán Hús painting is incredibly original imagery. He is intersect in visual paradoxes, on his table images the soft and sensual portrayal and the master drawing coupled with the secret hiding inspirations and dreamlike meaning.

Year Biography
1949 born in Budapest
1964-68 College for Fine and Applied Arts
1972-76 Highschool for Theology, Esztergom
1980-94 lived in New York and Hollywood
1994 moved back to Budapest
  C.R.A. Exh. And Competition, Hollywood, First Prize
  52nd Grand Nat.Exh. And Comp The Society of the Four Arts
  Palm Beach Kent. Frm Memorial Award, First Prize
  Solo exhibitions
2006 Pátzay Pál Terem, Székesfehérvár
  Pannonia Galéria, Sopron
2005 MVSZ, Bartók-terem Budapest
2004 Ferencvárosi Pincegaléria, Budapest
2002 Kempinski Galéria Budapest
  Csók István Galéria Budapest
2001 Matáv Galéria, Budapest
  Hyatt Szalongaléria, Budapest
2000 Nádor Galéria, Budapest
  Xantus János Múzeum, Győr
  Romanet Galéria, Párizs
1999 Vigadó Galéria, Budapset
1998 Csók István Galéria, Budapest
  Örmény Kulturális Központ, Budapest
  Home Galéria, Budapest
1997 Gyergyószentmiklós, Románia
  Gallery Carone, Ford Lauderdale, USA
1995 Museum of Art, Lauderdale, USA
1994 Gallery Carone, Ford Lauderdale, USA
1992 Gallery Commenoz, Key Biscayne, USA
1969 Kirakat Galéria, ELTE Budapest
  Group exhibitions
1998 Budapest Art Expo, Műcsarnok, Budapest
1997 Magyar Szalon, Műcsarnok, Budapest
1996 43. Vásárhelyi Őszi Tárlat, Hódmezővásárhely
1991 Art Expo, Miami, USA
1990 Salmagundi Club, New York
  The Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, USA
  Works in public collections
  Hollywood Art and Culture Center Flo, USA
  Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, USA
  Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Xantus János Múzeum, Győr
  Alamo Corp. Mr. Michael S. Egen-collection, USA
  Maestro James Judd-collection, Ford Lauderdale, USA
  Kaiser Villa, Bad Ischl, Ausztria
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