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Iván, Szilárd



Szilárd Iván was born in 1912 in Újarad (city in Romania). Between 1928 and 1938 he was the pupil of István Szőnyi in his private school, than at the Academy of Fine Arts he learnt with István Réti. In 1935-1936 he was the fellow of the Roman Collegium Hungaricum.

In 1937 he got Bertalan Székely- and in 1945 the Szinyei Society –award, in 1952 the Munkácsy award was given to him, and he was awarded by the Gold Grade of the Work Merit. Between 1969 and 1980 he was the teacher at the College of Fine Arts. From his first introduction in 1942 he took part with his imagines and graphics on several individual and group exhibitions in Hungary. His major international exhibitions: Paris, 1957, 1959; Antwerp, 1958; Moscow, Helsinki, 1965.

Between 1940 and 1944 he worked in Baia Mare. He was on study trip in Netherlands and Paris. From 1962 until 1984 he was the teacher of the College of Fine Arts. He died on August 7th, in 1988 in Budapest

Year Biography
1912 He was born in Újarad
1927 School of Arts, specialized on graphics
1928-1929 István Szőnyi private school
1930-1937 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
1940-1944 He worked in Baia Mare
  study trip in Netherlands and Paris
1962-1984 teacher of the College of Fine Arts
  His teachers: István Szőnyi, István Réti, Varga Nándor Lajos.
1972 Work Merit Gold grade
1953 Munkácsy-award
1947 Székely Bertalan-award
1945 the Szinyei Society Grand Prize
1944 the Szinyei Society Landscape award
1941 Jenő Káldi-award
1937 Marcell Nemes-award
1935-1936 Roman Collegium Hungaricum scholarship
1932 Szinyei Society honorable recognition
  Single exhibitions
1992 Sándor Hevesi Cultural Center, Nagykanizsa
1989 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1986 Medgyessy Hall, Debrecen
1984 Csontváry Hall, Budapest
  István Szőnyi Memorial Museum, Zebegény
1982 Medgyessy Hall, Debrecen
1980 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1978 Medgyessy Hall, Debrecen
1975 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1973 Rudnay Hall, Eger
1969 Mednyánszky Hall, Budapest
  Local History Museum, Tokaj
1966 Hungarian National Galllery, Budapest
1960 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1949 Municipal Education Center
1942 Műbarát
  Selected group exhibitions
1972 III. National Watercolor Biennial, Eger
1969 Hungarian art 1945-1969,
1968 Nine, Kunsthalle, Budapest
1958 Hungarian contemporary painting, sculpture and graphic exhibition, Zaal Wynen, Antwerpen
1957 Spring exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest
from 1955 Hungarian Fine Arts Exhibition, Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc
1955 Ten years of Fine Arts, Kunsthalle, Budapes
1952 Portrait exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest
from 1950 Hungarian Fine Arts Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest
1948 Ninety artist exhibition, National Salon, Budapest
1947 Focus Gallery
  Fifty artist exhibition, National Salon, Budapest.
1977 Eight painter, eight sculptor, National Salon, Budapest
  Fifty years of the Hungarian art, Capital Gallery, Budapest
from 1932 the Szinyei Society exhibition, National Salon, Budapest
  Works in public collections
  Capital Gallery, Budapest
  Local History Museum, Budapest
  St. Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár
  Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Petőfi Literature Museum, Budapest
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