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Kórusz, József




Jószef Kórusz was born on June 15th in 1927 in Veszprém. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts as a scholar of István Szőnyi and graduated in painting in the year 1953; from that time on, he is an exhibiting artist. He participated at the Hungarian Exhibition in Bagdad in 1968 and in 1974 at the Ex libris congress in Helsinki. His works can be found in private collections in Hungary and abroad (USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Holland). Since 1969, he was teaching at the Free School of Zebegény.
Among his works are oil paintings, aquarels, xylographs and ink drawings. His topics cover genre and plein air paintings. The danube knee has been often represented by him, István Szőnyi’ s influence can be seen.
Year Biography
1927 He was born in Veszprém city
1948-1953 Hungarian University of Fine Arts
  He studied at István Szőnyi's class on mural department
1946 Founding member of the College Derkovits
1960-1966 He worked in the Szőnyi-house in Zebegény
1969-től he was a teacher of the free school in Zebegény
  His teachers: István Szőnyi
1953-1954 the scholar of the Ministry of Culture
1979 For the Socialist Culture-award
  Single exhibition
1997 Szőnyi-house, Zebegény
1981 Kisduna Gallery, Budapest
1979 István Pataki Cultural Center, Budapest
1977 Castle Museum, Simontornya
1976 Derkovits Hall, Budapest
  Selected group exhibition
1979 The Hungarian Graphics '78, Hungarian Natonal Gallery, Budapest
1976 Lake Balaton Summer exhibition, Keszthely
1976 "Fényes Szelek" generation,
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1974 Ex Libris Congress exhibition, Helsinki
1973 Statuette Biennial, Keszthely
1966-1968 Lake Balaton Summer exhibition, Keszthely
1960 Between working people,
  Ernst Museum, Budapest
1957 Spring exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest
1953-1970 National Art Exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest
  Works in public collections
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  the Ministry of Culture
  Ráday Museum
  Vízügyi Museum
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