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Medveczky, Jenő




Jenő Medveczky was born in Savnik (village in Slovakia). He was a student of János Vaszary at the Hungarian College of Fine Arts; later he studied in Paris in 1926 and in 1929 in Italy as a fellow.

He won the Szinyei Society grand prize and the New Society of Artists' Prize. In 1936 he got silver medal on the Triennial of Milan, and in 1937 he won the Diplome d'Honneur at the World Exhibition of Paris. In 1939 and in 1942 he was awarded by the József Ferenc-prize, and in 1969 by the Munkácsy award.

He was a significant representative of the Hungarian neo-classic painting, the internal harmony, the puritan simplicity of the surface-applied colors, interconnecting editing are characterized the arts of Jenő Medveczky.

Year Biography
1902 He was born in Savnik (village in Slovakia)
  Hungarian College of Fine Arts
1926 He studied by scholarship in Paris
1929 and also in Italy
  His teachers: János Vaszary
1969 Munkácsy-award
1939, 1942 József Ferenc-award
1937 Diplome d'Honneur, World Exhibition of Paris
1936 silver medal on the Triennial of Milan
  New Society of Artists' Prize
  Szinyei Society Grand Prize
  Single exhibitions
1977 Jenő Medveczky exhibition of graphics, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1973 Szolnok
  Memorial Exhibition, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1969 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1962 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1946 Pécs
1932 Retrospective exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest
  Selected group exhibitions
1928-1942 the New Society of Artists, New Artists Association, on the Szinnyei Society exhibitions,
  and seven times on the Venice Biennale he took part with his works
1938 New Artists Association exhibition, Vienna
1932 Ernst Museum group exhibition, Budapest
  Works in public collections
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  From 1987 there is a permanent exhibition Sárospatak
  Public works
  mural (1937, Budapest, St. Florian Church)
  sgraffito (1940, Budapest, Pongracz street's housing)
  mural (1940, Homokkomárom church)
  mural (1941, Tát, Church)
  mural (1942, Budapest, MAV Hospital)
  mural (1947, Budapest, Pármány P. Theological Academy)
  sgraffito (1955, Dunaújváros)
  Pano (1955, Budapest, Sándor Péterfy str. hospital)
  sgraffito (1966, Hops, City Hall)
  Pano (1967, Budapest, Art Gallery).
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