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Papageorgiu, Andrea


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The Hungarian-Greek painter was born in 1980 in Budapest. In 2007, she graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a painter, where Attila Kovács was her teacher. In 2005, she received the Amadeus scholarship, and in 2007, the first prize of the Artexport Munkácsy Tender. She was also awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources in 2013.

For Andrea Papageorgiu, colors are the most powerful tool. She is particularly interested in the relationship between colors. She focuses on the dissonance and harmony created between them. 

Because of this expressiveness, her paintings are able to speak to the spectator, giving an experience of higher intensity than one would experience in our conventional reality. She loves to play with vibrant colors. Cold tones are dominant in her paintings. Besides the use of colors, figurality is also important to Papageorgiu in the depiction of the visible and perceptible.

Her paintings depict unique tones, moods, and emotions, which make her a significant figure of hungarian contemporary painting.



Year Biography
1980 Born in Budapest
2002-2007 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
  Teacher: Attila Kovács
2005 Amadeus scholarship
2006 '07, '11 Award at the Hódmezővásárhely Autumn Exhibition
  Solo exhibitions
2006 Saint Galéria
  Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem Kálvária
2007 Premier Galéria - Kecskemét
2008 Forrás Galéria
  Aulich Art Hamilton
  Fine Art Museum Budapest - Commerzbank event
2010 Forrás Galéria
2011 Artboutique, Szentendre
  Premier Galéria, Kecskemét
2012 Halköz Galéria, Debrecen
  Group exhibitions abroad
2011 Klosterneuburg - Die Ernte
  Potenza - Giovanni artisti Ungheresi
  Fine Art Museum, Beijing - Hungarian Art
  Selected group exhibitions
2007 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts - Barcsay Terem - Best of Diploma
  Aulich Art Hamilton
2008 Volksbank - Mosolygó Mona Lisa II
  Olof Palme ház - "Székely Szalon"
  Csók István Galéria
2009 Aulich Art Hamilton
2010 G13 Galéria - Szüret
  Koller Galéria - My day and my night
2011 Csók István Galéria
  Kogart - Fürdőélet - Völgyi-Skonda collection
  Aulich Art Hamilton - with Jakatics-Szabó Veronika and Rabóczky Judit
  Hungarian National Gallery- Doyenek és fiatalok
2012 Forrás Galéria - Összetartozunk
  Bifokvalitás - Kecskemét
  Hungarian National Gallery - Living painting
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