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Pituk, József V.



József „Victorian” Pituk - in the 1960s for his wife's request he took the „Victorian” nickname on as a second name – was born in 1906 in Selmecbánya (city in Slovakia). He studied at the Hungarian College of Fine Arts between 1928 and 1932, where Oszkár Glatz was his teacher. From 1936 till 1938 he lived in Vienna, than between 1963-65 in Austria. In 1975 he was awarded by the Grand Prix in Milan.

He was a versatile artist, he created graphics, prepared illustrations, he designed and built glass windows, but the most important area his art works was the painting. In his works the life images, landscapes and historical compositions got central importance. His art can be grouped to the post-impressionist line. With his monumental glass painting of the temples he occupies a prominent position in our art history.

Year Biography
1906 He was born in Selmecbánya
1928-1932 the Hungarian College of Fine Arts
1936-1938 He lived in Vienna, than
1963-1965 than in Austria
  His teacher: Oszkár Glatz
  Single exhibitions
2011 Memorial exhibition, „Matrica” Museum, Százhalombatta
1998 Friendship Cultural Center, Százhalombatta
1997 Hungarian Optical Works Cultural Center
1995 Pegazus Art Ltd. Gallery
1993 Selmecbánya
1991 Aba Novák Hall, Szolnok
1989 Dömösi Gallery, Dömös
1987 Palazzo Lantieri, Gorizia (Italy)
  Saletta S. Martino, Suvereno (Italy) 
  Medgyessy Hall, Debrecen 
1985-1986 School Gallery, Budapest
  Csepel Gallery, Budapest
1985 G. San Carlo, Vienna
1984 Selmecbánya
1983 Universitäts-Bibliothek, Siegen (Germany)
1982 Derkovits Hall, Budapest
1981 Hippolyt Haus, St. Pölten (A)
1980 Sparkasse Kulturbrücke, Bochum (Germany)
1979 Catholic Mission, Paris
1977 Venezia Viva, G. dell'incisione, Velence
1976 Lahti (FIN)
  Tampere (FIN)
  Zetauno Arte Contemporania, La Spezia (Italy)
1975 Centro Culturale G. Braidense, Milan
  G. Al Corso, Vicenza (Italy)
  G. S. Vidal, Venice
1974 G. S. Vidal, Venice
  G. Il fiore, Bassano Del Grappa (Italy)
  G. Knuuttila, Lahti (FIN) 
  City Cultural Center, Várpalota
  Czechoslovak Culture, Budapest
1973 G. Casa di Dante, Firenze
  G. Il fiore, Bassano Del Grappa (Italy)
  G. Palazzo Medico, Grado (Italy)
1972 Hotel Colussi, Grado (Italy)
1971 Fáklya Club, Budapest
1970 Hippolyt Haus, St. Pölten (Austria)
  G. Pick, Bassano Del Grappa (Italy)
  G. Enal, Padova
  Graphisches Kabinett, Stift Göttweig (Austria)
1969 Central Buchhandlung, Vienna
1968 I. dist. Council, Budapest
1967 Central Seminary, Budapest
  Opera Club, Budapest
1964, 1965-66 Selmecbánya
1959 Szinyei Hall, Budapest
1956, 1958  Selmecbánya
1948 Old Art Gallery, Budapest
1942 "Painting friend", Budapest
  Works in public collection
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.
  Public works
  Window composition (1943-47, Budapest, Central Seminary)
  Window composition (1957-60, Budapest, Eternal-worship Temple)
  Window composition (1968-69, Kaposvár, Holy Cross Parish Church)
  colored glass window (1970, Besnyő)
  colored glass window (1971, Budapest, Szentimre church)
  14 pc Stacio (colorful gouache, 1972, Letkés)
  Hungarian saints (colored glass works, 1978-80, Budapest, St. Stephen's Basilica)
  color window composition (1985-86, Kecskéd, church)

The exhibited artworks will be uploaded here after the end of the show

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