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Remsey, Jenő György




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Jenő, György Remsey was born in 1885 in Nagykőrös. Between 1905 and 1909 he studied at the School of Industrial Design. In 1910 the Hors Conours Certificate was given to him, and in 1945 he got the Benczúr-award. In 1977 he was elected honorary citizen of Gödöllő, where he was living between the age of 24 until his death in 1980.
The higly versatile artist painted portrait, murals and historical images as a painter, he produced etchings, sculptures, and he won a statuary tender as well. He designed carpets, tapestries and stained-glass windows. His writer’s work is also important, he was writing poetries and dramas and plays. The George Martinuzzi drama- wich was written by Remsey- put on the National Theatre in 1942. In 1924 he founded the Federation of Spiritual Artists, and established the literate- and ideology journal, the Torch in 1932.
In the first time Joseph Rippl-Rónai had an effect on his works, but later the biblical and folklore stories were significant on his paintings and on his tapestries. His style stem from art nouveau with expressionism, the characteristic based on pathetic tone and grotesque imagery.

Év Életrajz
1885 he was born in Nagykőrös
1905-1909 School of Industrial Design
1909-1914 He worked in the Gödöllő Artist Colony
1909 The member of the Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists Association
1911,1914 He was travelling to München for study reasons
1924 he founded the Federation of Spiritual Artists
1932 established the literaty and ideology journal, the Torch
1935 he founded an Exhibition Hall, "Új Szalon" with Kálmán Kató in Budapest
1937-1941 he staff of the "Nemzeti Figyelő" 
1954 joined the Szinyei Creative Community
1960 he joined the Engraver Artist Community
1977 Honorary Citizen of Gödöllő
1945 Benczúr-award
1910 Hors Conours Certificate , Vienna
  Single Exhibitions
1979 János Arany Museum, Nagykőrös
1978 Szekszárd
1976 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1974 Dürer Hall, Gyula
1963 Ernst Museum, Budapest
1957 Hungarian House, Paris
1951 Gödöllő
1948 Fészek Club
1947 Szalmássy Gallery
1935 Ernst Museum, Budapest (with Imre Ámos)
  Works in public collections
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Public works
1942 The Hungarian history of the Reformation (fresco, Budapest, Lónyai street's Protestant Grammar School)
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