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Szemethy, Imre



Imre Szemethy graphic artist was born in 1945 in Budapest. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1971, where his teachers were Jenő Barcsay, Sándor Ék, Géza Fónyi. Between 1972 and 1975 he got Derkovits scholarship, but he was awarded with several prizes (for example the Mihály Munkácsy award in 1977, he became merited artist in 1986 and outstanding artist in 2005), and he was the winner of numerous biennials.

In the 1970s he created in a peculiar ironic, absurd and surreal style, using densely scattered fragments in the image space. In the late 1980s he reduced the number of his motifs and, at the same time, his expression became more detailing. In the 1990s his artistic style was more abstract and surreal. In all fields of graphics reproductions (engraving, screen printing, linocut, etc.) he represent himself, and his scoring method prepared ink drawings are also remarkable. Next to the reproduction graphics, book illustration he makes video animation movies as well.

Year Biography
1945 He was born in Budapest
1964-1971 Hungarian College of Fine Arts
  Significant representative of the modern Hungarian illustration
1992 member of the Széchenyi Literary and Arts Academy
1996 Together with Ferenc Banga they launched a book series title of Image Prose
  or the illustrated process of the Hungarian short prose classics
  His teachers: Jenő Barcsay, Sándor Ék, Géza Fónyi
2005 Outstanding artist of the Hungarian Republic
2000 National Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján, grand prize
1990 V. National Small Graphic Biennial,
  Csohány Memorial plaque
1986 merited artist
1983 XII. National Graphic Biennial,
  grand prize, Miskolc
1977 Munkácsy-award
1972-1975 Derkovits-scholarship
  Single exhibition
1998 White Gallery, Budapest
1997 Csepel Gallery, Budapest
  Várfok 14 Gallery, Budapest
1996 Várfok 14 Gallery, Budapest
1995 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1993 Water City Gallery, Budapest
1987 Újpest Gallery, Budapest
1985 Eötvös Károly County Library,
1984 Újpest Gallery, Budapest
1983 Kis Gallery of Erzsébetváros, Budapest
1981 Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna
1980 József Attila Library, Makó
  József Attila Library, Miskolc
1979 Endre Horváth Gallery, Balassagyarmat
  House of Hungarian Culture, Prague
1977 Hungarian Institute, Warsaw
1976 Revolutionary Museum, Szombathely
  Helikon Gallery, Budapest
1975 Medgyessy Hall Hódmezővásárhely
1974 Studio Gallery, Budapest
  Selected group exhibitions
1998 IX. National Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján
1995 Confessions about the line, Hungary
  Exhibition of Graphic Designers Association
  Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1986-1994 II-VII. National Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján
1984 Surrealist graphics, Óbuda Gallery, Budapest
1983-1987 XII-XIV. National Graphic Biennial, Miskolc
1983 The Makó artists colony working exhibition, Makó
1983 Today Hungarian graphic art and drawing,
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1982 I. National Drawing Biennial, Salgótarján
1980 Trends 1970-1980, 1., New art in 1970, Óbuda Gallery, Budapest
1980 Studio exhibitions, Budapest
1980 The Makó artists colony working exhibition, Makó
1979 The Makó artists colony working exhibition, Makó
1978 Hungarian graphic '78, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1975 Jubilee Art Exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest
1973-1979 VII-X. National Graphic Biennial, Miskolc
1973-1976 Studio exhibitions, Budapest
  Works in public collections
  Gallery of Miskolc, Miskolc
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Ferenc Móra Museum, Szeged
  Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely
  János Tornyai Museum, Hódmezővásárhely.
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