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Szunyoghy, András




András Szunyoghy was born in 1946 in Pécs. During his secondary school years he trained himself by drawing groups, than in 1964 he applied for the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, but he was able to enter only the evening preparatory, where Simon Sarkanytyú was his teacher. In the next year he was admitted to the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, in the painting class of György Kádár. Two years later he went Sándor Ék master’s graphic class, where he graduated in 1970. Between 1971 and 1973 he studied engraving in the Hungarian Banknote Printing, and in the same year he got the Derkovits scholarship as well.

With the organization of Young Artists Studio, he visited Georgia, than in 1980 he got scholarship to Iraqu, where he was the guest of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture for one month. In 1982 by the Fine Arts Association's mandate, he equipped a graphic reproduction workshop in the Hungarian Academy in Rome. There he met with Amerigo Tot. He had exhibitions in Florence, in the Medici Palace, in Assisi and in the Hungarian Academy in Rome. From 1989 until his retirement he was professor at the Fine and Applied Arts School, meanwhile he also taught in the University of Applied Arts, as lecturer, between 1996 and 2002.

In his first artistic era he mostly prepared etchings and lino cuts, which tone were sarcastic, ironic and grotesque. In the early 80s his graphics became absurd from the grotesque, but still strong charade-like diction. Then he began to paint landscapes with oil paint, which are directly linked to the “Alföld” painting. He designed stamps for Mongolia, Yemen and Hungary. In addition to the Peacock - and the Forbear Animal series with his engraving stamps he became success.

Year Biography
1946 He was born in Pécs
1964 Hungarian College of Fine Arts evening preparatory
1964-1965 He was large mammals taxidermist student in the Hungarian Natural History Museum
1965-1969 Hungarian College of Fine Arts
1971-1973 He studied engraving in the Hungarian Banknote Printing
From 1982 designs, drawing books
From 1989 professor at the Fine and Applied Arts School
1994-től teacher at University of Applied Arts
  His teachers: Simon Sarkantyu, György Kádár, Sándor Ék, Jenő Barcsay
2013 II. Class National Defence Honor Title
2008 Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit
2005 Silver Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic
1999 Mednyánszky-award
1995 Stamp Designer of the Year
1989 Barcsay-award
1982 Roman scholarship
1981 Iraq scholarship
1973 Derkovits-scholarship
  Single exhibitions
2010 Szabó Ervin Library Gallery, Budapest
2006 Lifetime Achievement Exhibition, Agricultural Museum, Budapest
1997 From his Drawing school titled book drawings, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1995 Hungarian Academy, Rome
1986, 1989 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1982 Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence
  Hungarian Academy, Rome
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1981 Tornyai János Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
1979 Studio Gallery, Budapest
1977 Studio Gallery, Budapest (with Ildikó Bálint, Ágoston Pusztai)
1975 Várpalota
1970 Studio Gallery, Budapest
  Mini Gallery, Budapest 
  Selected group exhibition
2008 MONO Gallery, Budapest
2007 Curia Gallery, Vác
2001 Black and white, Art Gallery, Budapest
  His drawing books
  Great drawing school (2012)
  Dinosaurs (2009)
  African Animals (2009)
  The birds comparative art anatomy (2007)
  Portrait and hand drawing (2006)
  The human art anatomy (Cologne, 1998, Budapest, 2004)
  The human and 11 animal anatomy (Cologne, 1998)
  Art Animal Anatomy (1991; expanded further expenditure the Artistic anatomy of the horse, 1998, 2003, 2009)
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