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Tichy, Gyula


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Gyula Tichy was born in 1879 in Rimaszombat (city in Slovakia). He studied at the College of Fine Arts, after he was art teacher first in the Hungarian capital city and than in Rozsnyó (small town in Slovakia).

His works are characterized by the forms and ideas of the Art Nouveau.. For the moods and themes of the decorative and calligraphic line system structured compositions the Symbolism was affected. Mostly the dream, fantastical and sometimes the fabulosity permeated the all of the representations. The master created illustrations for deep psychological literary works as well. 

The observer will notice in the works the critique of science, the society and morality of the time. Numerous works deal with the constant but more and more rare confrontation with morality and its oppression by actual needs. Also the free usage of modern technology or new, not even invented, utopistic inventions, the forerunners of science-fiction are dealt with. The ladylike women and nudes are partly the personification of life, age, partly of lust and transcience.

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