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Alejandro Pereyra

2019. October 24. - November 17.

Alejandro Pereyra was born in Buenos Aires in 1970. He started his career with advertising agencies and then worked on television commercials. Later he graduated in filmmaking on the University of Buenos Aires. His first solo exhibition was in the Bond Streer Gallery in Buenos Aires in 1998, followed by others "Congreso de la Nacion" in the El Argentino Gallery, and in 2000 one more in the island of Capri in Italy.
After a decade of experimenting, Alejandro Pereyra developed the "paper collage" technique. The artist creates his works from tiny clippings of old newspapers and the posters show iconic film characters, or iconic stars. The strong communication effect of his works stems from the fact that the portrays of the characters are represent by the knowledge of the fan base. This is how we can see the portrait of the Quentin Tarantino's film "Kill Bill" wire-fu starring actress Uma Thurman, Marlon Brando or the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. On his works, he arranges the paper pieces into mosaics so that the colors, shapes, and space itself are uniform and create a spatial effect. The global effect his artworks is photographic and picturesque, there are unique pieces.
Pereyra's art combines Kurt Schwitters' collage technique and George Braque's constructivist composition in a unique way. His portraits are at the same time, traditional, figurative works, also reinterpreted in some pop-art style. Their modernity comes from capturing the icons of our time make their a visually summarizing essence.


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