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Incze Mózes | Déjà vu | Summer exhibition

2022. June 24. - August 21.

Born in Barót, Mózes Incze began his career as an abstract artist and soon found his special form language, the figurative painting. The profession has been monitoring and analyzing its enigmatic works of art for years. He has been a regular solo and group exhibitor at several art fairs, including the Budapest Art Market, the Budapest Art Fair, the Miami-Art Basel and the Beijing International Art Expo. All of his work is made up of oil on canvas, the surreal world of which is based on classical traditions of representation, recalling the aspirations of old, Renaissance masters but using a particularly unreal sign system.
In our summer chamber exhibition we present the oil painting of Moses Incze: works that - in their characteristic way - contain landscape elements, “components” of the human body, hands, torsos or objects connected to our time (cable wires, flash drives) in an unreal space. Fragmented, mosaic compositions raise the issue of the coexistence of technology and man, artificial intelligence and the soul. The images allow an insight into the mysterious world of Incze, painted in the colors of the sky, the earth and the water, a place where a familiar feeling can take us into power, yet everything is uncertain and ambiguous. That is why we gave our exhibition the title “Déja vu” based on a painting by Moses Incze.

Exhibited artworks

The exhibited artworks will be uploaded here after the end of the show

Impressions from the exhibiton

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