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János Kass - 90th anniversary exhibition

2017. November 15. - December 17.

The great graphical artist János Kass (1927-2010) would have celebrated his 90th birthday this year. For this special occasion, the selected graphical memorial exhibition offers everyone the possibility to remember the artist and rediscover his exceptional art.

János Kass is an extraordinary diverse artist: painter, sculptor and graphical artist. From the beginning of his studies, he tried different genres, between 1942-1946 he studied ceramics at the academy of applied arts, from 1946-1951 he dedicated himself to graphics at the HungarianAcademy of Fine Arts, with Gyula Hincz, György Konecsni and György Kádár being his teachers. The years 1960-61, he was working at the faculty of graphics and visual arts in Leipzig and from 1967-81 he was teaching at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts at the faculty of graphics.

Many of his works can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery.

Exhibited artworks

Kass, János: Budapest
Budapest sold to a private collection (USA)
Kass, János: Duke Bluebeard's castle
Duke Bluebeard's castle sold to a private collection (UK)
Kass, János: Flower
Flower private collection
Kass, János: Hommage á Kurtág - Woman and man
Hommage á Kurtág - Woman and man Sold to a private Collection (Germany)
Kass, János: Judith and the Duke
Judith and the Duke sold to a private collection (Japan)
Kass, János: Narcissus
Narcissus sold to a private collection (Hungary)
Kass, János: Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark sold to a private collection (USA)

Impressions from the exhibiton

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