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Lajos Szalay (1909-1995)

2013. March 01. - March 31.

We celebrate our gallery's 60th anniversary with a special programme. Our graphical exhibition series presents each month works by a different graphical artist.

The world famous Lajos Szalay is one of the outstanding figures of Hungarian graphic art. Picasso said him: “If two names of graphic artist survive the 20th century, the second will be mine. If there is only one, it will be Lajos Szalay.” For Szalay, art and literature were so close to each other, that they functioned as a unity. Ágost Benkhard was his master at the Academy of Art. He started his career as a painter, but rather quickly started working with ink drawings, and realised how well the line drawn with a feather can express emotions. His drawings refer to every life, to the Bible, Mythology. He illustrated characters from Hungarian and world literature, poems, novels and plays. Read more about Szalay >

Our exhibitions presentsnumerous unique drawings, which come directly from the artist's daughter. 

Download the catalogue in PDF   Anniversary programme

Exhibited artworks

Szalay, Lajos: Apollo
Szalay, Lajos - Apollo Private collection - United Kingdom
Szalay, Lajos: no title
Szalay, Lajos - no title sold to a private collection (Hungary)
Szalay, Lajos - unique drawings: Lot's daughters
Szalay, Lajos - unique drawings - Lot's daughters sold to a private collection (Hungary)
Szalay, Lajos - unique drawings: Nudes
Szalay, Lajos - unique drawings - Nudes sold to a private collection (USA)
Szalay, Lajos - unique drawings: Thinker
Szalay, Lajos - unique drawings - Thinker sold to a private collection (USA)

Impressions from the exhibiton

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