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Luciano Longo - Artworks 1998-2010

2010. September 09. - September 26.

The outstanding representative of the middle-aged generation of contemporary Italian artists Luciano Longo, presents his first single exhibition in Hungary. A sensitive artist, who not only shows the sights of the objects, but also their idea, their symbolic-allegorical content. He is the painter of still lives, the silent lives of the objects, their metaphysical sustainer, companion of their breathing. The objects in his paintings are at the border of two worlds sighing into one another, between reality and apparent illusion. They open gates in the other world, dependent on each other they stroll here and there.

The works in the Koller Gallery are part of a touring exhibition and will be seen afterwards in Ferrara, in the Galleria del Carbone and in Potenza, in the Museo del Palazzo Loffredo.
A bilingual catalogue accompanies the exhibition and can be purchased in our gallery.

Exhibited artworks

Luciano Longo: Artifice
Artifice private collection (Israel)
Luciano Longo: Artificial nature
Artificial nature Sold to a private collection (United States)
Luciano Longo: At the river
At the river Sold to a private collection (United States)
Luciano Longo: Autumnal basket
Autumnal basket private collection
Luciano Longo: Exhibited nature
Exhibited nature private collection
Luciano Longo: Greek vases
Greek vases private collection
Luciano Longo: Homely Sahara
Homely Sahara private collection
Luciano Longo: Hommage a Pollaiuolo
Hommage a Pollaiuolo Private collection
Luciano Longo: In the studio
In the studio Sold to a private collection (United States)
Luciano Longo: Mnemosyne
Mnemosyne private collection
Luciano Longo: Roses
Roses private collection
Luciano Longo: September still life
September still life private collection
Luciano Longo: The last Cotan
The last Cotan Private collection
Luciano Longo: Tribute to Velazquez
Tribute to Velazquez private collection
Luciano Longo: Vanitas
Vanitas private collection

Impressions from the exhibiton

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