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Marco Veronese | Ren(AI)ssance

2023. June 16. - August 31.

Marco Veronese (1962-), a digital artist of Italian origin, is a real storyteller and experiments and creates in many fields. He works with painting, photography, sculpture, even writing, as he is writing  poems. One of the defining readings of his childhood, the book Renaissance to Mannerism, led him to the arts, and through it he discovered its beauty and depth. According to his memories, he was completely fascinated by one of the Correggio paintings in the publication, so much so that he even tried to draw it.
According to his philosophy, we are in need for the arrival of a new renaissance era, a more spiritual existence. "The search for a new, deep spirituality is the basis of the change that today's man needs. This is not only a new artistic renaissance, but also economic, social and individual. "The symbols represent this message," he says. Although he works in many different branches, he considers himself primarily a digital painter. Instead of traditional canvas paint, he creates his unique works on a computer.

At our exceptional chamber exhibition, we can see Marco Veronese's works generated  in cooperation with the artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time in Hungary. At first glance, his works show  beautiful female figures dressed in picturesque costumes, which the Artivive phone application literally breathes into life. By entering the application, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play, we just zoom in on the desired work and it starts to move, talk, and some even have animation in the background: all communicating the spiritual messages of the artist.

Veronese's  works are AI created digitally modified images with contents, that are also manifested then in the phisical world by converting them into mixed techniques: black silicone dripped in different layers, but limited edition prints will also be exhibited at the exhibition. Marco Veronese elevates art to a new dimension, the connection of physical and digital art, the collision of past and present. It makes good use of the potential of artificial intelligence and predicts the future of art. With our form-breaking exhibition, we invite visitors to "travel through time", come and listen to the works of art through their phones!

The exhibition will be on show from

June 16th - august 31st

an can be visited
every friday, saturday and sunday
from 10 am - 6 pm without appointment 

The artist will be present personally on the following dates:

16th June, 3 pm - 6 pm

17th june, 3 pm - 6 pm

For additional personal meetings with the artist during the other weekends, please fix an appointment here:


Exhibited artworks

The exhibited artworks will be uploaded here after the end of the show

Impressions from the exhibiton

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