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Orosz, István Dorothy

Orosz, István: Dorothy
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Versatile creator István Orosz: its graphic style is characterized by the so-called artistic or ancient drawing, which evokes the engravings of the last century. On its independent graphic pages, references to art history, quotations of style, archaic form elements appear regularly: stairs, stone walls, arched gates. Some of his works depicting the visual world of old times hide different faces. Dorottya is also a picture with such a "secret" meaning.
A fragmented stone staircase leads to the center of István Orosz's etching. At the top of the driveway, in an arched doorway, the shape of the queen of title is drawn. Putts dance down in front of the vault wall. On both sides of the stairs are reveling couples and suitors. The masks have already been removed, we are walking towards the end of the ball, who has found a pair. As is the case in the fourth act of his play Csokonai. The space of the graphics also refers to a theatrical performance: the characters are located in the space that pleases the built set, the picture is framed by the velvet curtain-like drapery. On the floor of the room, the title of the work can be read in contemporary (Bodoni), bold letters: DOROTTYA, the protagonist of Doricya, the triumph of the ladies, in the comic epic written by Mihály Csokonai Vitéz in 1799. His Russian drawing shows the last act, where after the ball feud, the ridiculed old girl is beautified and finds her mate.
The Dorottya of István Orosz is a great, detailed work of the artist's hidden faces. It is a real drawing feat, as the narrow, oval face of the author of the piece, the poet Csokonai, is outlined in a playful way from the figure of the Rococo lady and the two-stranded chandelier at the heart of Russia's classicizing graphics.
István Orosz. a brilliant master of the genres of anamorphosis (distorted images) and trompe l ”oeil (eye-catching painting). He says of his playful depiction, "Let's take a look at the seemingly obvious claims, and believe that the world has another, hidden reading, which is more difficult to find, but sometimes the search is exciting."


Artist Orosz, István (1951 - )
Title Dorothy
Technique etching on paper
Year of creation 1970s
Signed lower right: Orosz István (4/30)
Condition excellent
Limited 4/30
Width 33 cm
Height 47 cm
Depth cm
Weight (scuptures) kg
This artwork comes with certificate
Limited, numbered edition
Framed artwork

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