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Marco Veronese In-finite

Marco Veronese: In-finite
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Marco Veronese is a contemporary digital artist who experiments and creates in several fields. One of the most determinant memories of his childhood was a book called “From Renaissance to Manierism”. He discovered the beauty and depth of the art by his beloved reading. Veronese sees the coming of need of a new renaissance era and a more spiritual existence for the present time’s humans. “A new, deep spirituality’s base is the research and that change need for the today’s people. This is not just a new, artistic renaissance but it is simultaneously economic, societal and individual. The symbols typify this message.”- he says. The “In-finite” artwork is a shadow picture. The giclée made by ink-jet printing technique. The picture composition is built on oppositions: dark and light, above the ground and underworld. There are 2 reedy trees’ silhouettes parallel with a man’s black shape. The branches are climbing up and their roots are interweaving deep under the ground as a human’s arm. Between the touched root stems an anatomically exact sanguine heart is pulsating. The diminish lookalike of the trees’ heart is beating in the human’s chest as well. Under his shape the roots are grasping repetitively the tree’s foliage. Marco Veronese describes his artwork as follows: “The roots of the tree give form and life to the human being. The foliage of the trees shows the shape of the human body’s circulation system. Only if we thinking consciously can see the connection between our stuff and the things around us. If we join the two hearts, the trees and their roots with an imaginary line, we will get the symbol of the in-finite. So this “In-finite” artwork has a symbolic and specific meaning what Marco Veronese the creator of the “New Renaissance” interprets by himself.


Artist Marco Veronese (1962 - )
Title In-finite
Technique limited gicleé
Year of creation 2018
Signed l.r.
Condition perfect
Limited 2/25
Width 60 cm
Height 45 cm
Depth cm
Weight (scuptures) kg
This artwork comes with certificate
Limited, numbered edition

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