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Brandes, Matthias


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Matthias Brandes was born in 1950 in Bochum/Germany (Nordrhein-Westfalen). From 1956, he lived in Frankfort, from 1961 on in Hamburg, where he attended the Steiner school. Between 1969 and 1976 Brandes was studying painting and pedagogy at the Academy of Arts in Hamburg, where he graduated from in 1976. From 1979 on, during his years in Hamburg, he was devoted to painting and in 1984 he moved to Meolo, near Venice.

In 1985 his first single exhibition took place in the Italian Institute for Culture in Hamburg (Instituto Italiano di Cultura). He participated at the 11th Baltic Art Biennale in Rostock/Germany as well as in numerous single and group exhibition. His works can be seen in private and public collections (Deutsche Telekom, Britisch Petrolium, Vereins- & Westbank and others). He got the commission for a mural project in Velbert (Nordrhein-Westfalen) and Wangerland (Niedersachsen). In Italy, he organised single exhibitions. In 2007 his permanent exhibition opens in the Galleria Gagliadi in San Gimigniano.
Year Biography
1950 he was born at Bochum, Germany
1969-1976 He studied at the Academy and at the University of Hamburg, specializing in the history of art and in pedagogy
from 1979 painting, living and working partly in Hamburg and partly in Meolo, near Venice
1993  the family moved to Meolo/Venice where the artist is still living
  Main exhibitions
2013  Exhibition "Behind Still Life" Just Art Gallery, Providence R.I. / USA
  Exhibition "Brandes & Brandes", Palazzo Albrizzi/Venice
2012 14 june - 30 september Galleria Conarte / Savona
2011 15 october - 25 november Galleria Forma e Colore / Brescia
2010 Museo d'arte moderna, Maccagno/Lago Maggiore
  19 june - 30 september Galleria Conarte / Savon
2008 settembre - ottobre Galleria Forma e Colore / Brescia
  3 may - 14 june Galleria Polin / Treviso
  Galleria Studio 10 / S. Martino dall'Argine
  8 march - 30 march (with Tino Stefanoni)
2007 9 april- 19 may Galleria L'Immagine / Milano
2006 29 april- 27 may Galleria De Nisi / Caserta
2005 31 january - 25 march Studio d'Arte Moderna Tonelli / Brescia
  10 september- 20 otctober Galleria Stefano Forni / Bologna
2004 31 january - 24 february Galleria Polin / Treviso
  6 mach - 27. march Galleria Ghiggini / Varese
  2.- 24. ottobre Phada Murgania / Badoere
2003 Istituto Italiano di Cultura / Amburgo, Germany
  Galleria d’Arte Charta / Bergamo
  Proposte d’Arte / Legnano
2002 Galleria Tonelli / Milano
  Design art gallery / Biancade
2001 Galleria Archivio / Mantova 
  Palazzo della Provincia di Bari ,
  Villa Comunale/S.Vito dei Normanni
2000 Galleria Santo Stefano / Venezia
  Cà Lozzio Piavon / Oderzo (Presentation of Paola Bonifacio)
  Villa Altan Campo Molino / Gaiarine 
  Galleria del Libraio / Treviso 
  Galleria MOMart / Castelfranco Veneto
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