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Gábor, Marianne




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Marianne Gábor was born in 1917 in Budapest. She studied as a pupil of István Réti and István Szőnyi at the Budapest College of Fine Arts, where she got Nemes Marcell-award. In 1938 the Szinyei Society presented her first two works to the public, and on these exhibitions she won Hatvani-award in 1941 and 1940, and in 1942 she got Honorable Accolade. Between 1941 and 1943 she worked at the Art Colony of Zebegény (village in Pest County).
From 1948 on she got international fame. She appeared with her works in several countries exhibit halls and galleries. The Italian art of living accepted her; the local art academies elected her to their ranks, she was honored by gold medals and the title of "academic master' as well.
She painted impressions rich, soft colors of landscapes, townscapes and character, ironic portraits. Her method of painting is light, outline, with some silhouette and colored spots she highlights the characteristics of the depicted subject.
Her works are visible in the Hungarian National Gallery and the Uffici Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Year Biography
1917 She was born in Budapest
1935-1941 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.
from 1958 A Société Européenne de Culture
from 1979 Member of the Italian Academy of Arts
  Her teachers: István Réti and István Szőnyi
1979 Italian Academy of Arts golden medal
1978 Merited Artist
1976 Leonardo-medal, Florence
1945 Reconstruction Award
1942 Accolade of Szinyei Society
1941 Hatvany Ferenc-award
1940 Accolade of Szinyei Society
1939 Nemes Marcell-award
2003 Budapest Gallery Exhibit house, Budapest
2002 Szatmári Museum, Mátészalka
1999 Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
1997 Hungarian Writers' Club, Budapest
1996 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1994 Bálint Jewish House, Budapest
  Kossuth Club, Budapest
1993 West Literary Memorial Museum
1992 Szatmári Museum, Mátészalka
1990 Hevesi Cultural Center, Nagykanizsa
1988 Szolnoki Gallery, Szolnok
  Stadtmuseum, Friesach
1987 Ethnographic Museum, Budapest
  Csontváry Hall, Pécs
1986 Móra Ferenc Cultural Center, Kiskunfélegyháza
1985 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1981 Kunsthalle am Schwanenteich, Rostock
1980 Republic Palace, Berlin
1977 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1976 Chiostro di San Marco, Firenze
1975 City House, Arras
  Salle des Fêtes, Paris (Noisy-le-Sec)
  City House, Périgueux 
1974 Galerie Roussard, Paris
  Salle Picasso, Paris
  Palais de la Culture, Saint-Dizier
1973 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1972 Galleria Santo Stefano, Venice
1971 Galleria La Cassapanca, Rome
  Palazzo della Cultura, Livorno
1970 Csók Gallery, Budapest
  Galleria della Trinita, Rome
  Art Gallery, Szeged
1969 Galleria della Trinita, Rome
1967 Galleria Contemporart, Grosseto
1966 Csók Gallery, Budapest
  Galleria Santo Stefano, Venice
  Galleria La Cassapanca, Rome
  Galleria Comunale, Grosseto
  Palazzo degli Aldobrandeschi, Grosseto
1964 Galleria Arte al Borgo, Palermo
  Galleria della Colonna Antonina, Rome
1963 Csók Gallery, Budapest
  Art Gallery, Pécs
  Pesterzsébet Museum, Budapest
1959 Pesterzsébet Museum, Budapest
1958 Institute for Cultural Relations, Budapest
  Ferenc Móra Museum, Szeged
1957 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1948 Fészek Club, Budapest
1947 Artist Gallery, Budapest
1944 Tamás Gallery, Budapest
1942 National Salon, Budapest
  Works in public collection
  Associazione Giuristi, Rome
  Conseil Mondial de la Paix, Brussels
  Damjanich János Museum, Szolnok
  Déri Museum, Debrecen
  Fondation Michel Károlyi, Venice
  Fővárosi Képtár, Budapest
  Galleria Comunale, Firenze
  Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze
  Graphis Arte, Livorno
  Military History Museum, Budapest
  House of Satire, Gabrovo
  István Király Museum, Székesfehérvár
  Janus Pannonius Museum Modern Hungarian Gallery, Pécs
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Hungarian National Museum, Budapest
  Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris
  Museo Comunale, Livorno
  Nationalmuseum, Berlin
  National Museum, Gabrovo
  National Museum, Lublin-Majdanek
  Palazzo della Provincia, Grosseto
  Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo
  Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
  Societé Européenne de Culture, Venice
  Staadtsmuseum, Drezda
  Szatmári Museum, Mátészalka
  Thúry György Museum, Nagykanizsa
  City Gallery, Grossetto
  Jewish Museum, Budapest
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