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Kő, Pál


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Pál Kő (his original name is Lajos Pataki) was born in 1941 in Perespuszta. Between 1963 and 1968 he graduated from the College of Fine Arts, where József Somogyi was his teacher. In 1955 he prepared stacio images at the Catholic church of Jászszentandrás (village in the Northern “Alföld” region). From 1963 he has been exhibiting artist. From 1978 he was the professor of the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, from 1990 he was the Head of the Department, between 1990 and 1991 he is an associate professor of it, and between 1992 and 1995 he was vice rector of the College.

Until the mid-1970s he produced mainly colorfully painted wooden sculptures of pop art. His later style increasingly reached back for to the Hungarian wood carving tradition. He prepared the planning concept of the historical monuments in Mohács, furthermore he created the chapel of Grand Lady of Hungary’s stone reliefs in the Vatican.

Year Biography
1941 He was born in Perespuszta
1963-1968 College of Fine Arts
From 1978 the teacher of the College of Fine Arts
1990 the board member of the Society Berzsenyi
  member of the Art Guild of Veszprém
From 1990 Associate Professor of the department of sculptor
From 1991 he has been professor
From 1992 Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation Samu Geza
1993-1996 He was the president of the World Federation of Hungarians Fine and Applied Arts Council
From 1995 Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
  Study trips: Poland, Transylvania,
  Italy, Greece, Mongolia
  His teachers: József Somogyi
2014 The Artist of the Nation
2011 Honorary Citizen of Terézváros
2002 Kölcsey-award
2001 Kossuth-award
2000 Honorary Citizen of Heves
1998 Steadily-diploma
1994 Honorary Citizen of Nagypalád
1990 For the Hungarian Arts Lifetime Achievement Award
1989 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition of Salgótarján Grand Prize
1986 merited artist
1984 Art Fund Prize
1982 Kodály Society's diploma
1976 az V. National Statuette Biennale I. prize, Pécs
1975 Munkácsy-award
1969, 1971 KISZ Grand Prize
  Single exhibitions
1998 Maczky House, Heves (permament exhibition)
1997 Minorite crypt, Tábornokh., Eger
1996 Historical monuments in honor of the "millecentenárium" (The 1100th anniversary celebration of the Hungarian conquest in 1996.), Veszprém
1994 Marosvásárhely
  Sepsiszentgyörgy (with Gizella Péterfy)
1991 Castle Gallery, Simontornya
1988 Ferenc Erdei Cultural Center, Kecskemét
  Mikszáth Kálmán Cultural Center, Balassagyarmat
1987 Dortmund
1986 Amsterdam
  Vörösmarty Theater, Székesfehérvár
  Budapest Gallery, Budapest
1985 Gallery of Erzsébetváros, Budapest
1984 Dürer Hall , Kölesd
1982 Castle Gallery, Veszprém
1980 Workshop series, the Hungarian National Gallery,Budapest
1978 Venice
1978 Debrecen
1976 Helikon Gallery, Budapest
1976 Salgótarján
1975 Hatvani Gallery, Hatvan
1974 Uitz Hall, Dunaújváros
1973 Törökszentmiklós
1972 Art Gallery, Budapest
1970 Endre Horváth Gallery, Balassagyarmat
1969 Madách Theater, Budapest
1968 Hungarian Shipyard and Crane Factory, Budapest
  Selected group exhibitions
1998 Tisza Gallery, Csongrád
  Reformed Church, Budapest
  stone Pál permament exhibition, Maczky-house, Heves
  The Love door For the Hanover World's Fair
1995 State of the Art / Hungarian Sculpture, Art Gallery, Budapest
  Hungarian Salon '97, Art Gallery, Budapest
1989 Hungarian Art, Worpswede
1980 XXXIX. Venice Biennale, Venice
1979 Wood Sculpture '79, Csontváry Hall, Pécs
1978 Hungarian Art, Linz
  IV. International Statuette exhibition (Biennial)of Budapest,
  Art Gallery, Budapest
1976 V. National Statuette Biennial, Pécs
  Hungarian Arts, Belgrade
1975 III. National Statuette Biennial,
  Art Gallery, Budapest
1973 Baja
1972 Puskin Museum, Moscow
  Works in public collection
  Maczky House, Heves
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
  Selected public works
  Nuptial (terracotta relief, 1966, Budapest, XVIII. dist.)
  József Attila (bronze relief, 1972, Salgótarján, County Cultural Center)
  Feast (stone, glass, 1974, Heves)
  Statues of historical monument: Tomori Pál, II. Lajos, Regős wind harp and grave (wood, metal, 1976, Mohács-Sátorhely)
  Móricz Zsigmond-portrait (bronze, 1977, Nyíregyháza)
  Anti-Fascist martyrs memorial (stone, 1978, Sopron)
  Hunyadi János (stone, 1979, Jánoshalma)
  Szt. Adalbert (stone relief, 1980, Rome)
  Saint Gellért (stone relief, 1980, Szt. Péter Basilika)
  Boldog Özséb (stone relief, 1980, Róma, Chapel of Grand Lady of Hungary)
  Leaves (bronze, 1980, Veszprém, Városháza)
  Szondi-emorial (limestone, 1983, Drégelypalánk)
  For the memorial of stonerösi Sándor Csoma (bronze, 1984, Budapest, XVII. ker., Akácvirág u. Általános Iskola)
  stonerösi Csoma Sándor (bronze, 1984, Tibet)
  Károly Róbert (bronze, 1984, Gyöngyös, Main square, duplicate: Texas)
  Rooster boy (painted wood, 1984, Bécs, Central Wechsel und Creditbank 1994, Hungarian National Bank)
  Áchim András (wood, 1984, Békéscsaba, Mihály Munkácsy Museum)
  skulk (bronze, 1988, Zánka, Úttörőváros)
  Bálint Balassi (bronze relief, 1988, Zólyom, Castle)
  Kovai Lőrinc-tomb (limestone, 1988, Budapest, Rákoskeresztúr cemetery)
  stván Sinka (bronze, 1989, Vésztő)
  Albert Vetési (limestone, 1990, Veszprém, Abert Vetési Secondary School)
  Stonegate (stone, 1990, Nagystonerös, János Arany Museum)
  Frigyes Podmaniczky (cast iron, bronze, stone, 1990, Budapest, V. dist, Podmaniczky square)
  Mészáros Lázár-tomb (limestone, bronze, 1991, Baja, Rókus Chapel)
  Ferenc Kölcsey (bronze, 1991, Budapest, Ferenc Kölcsey Secondary School , duplicate: Sződemeter)
  Bride on the crate (marble, 1992, Parádfürdő)
  Professior and two student (bronze, 1993, Baja, German National College and School)
  Lajos Kossuth (bronze, 1994, Szolnok)
  II. word war victims memorial (stone, bronze, 1993, Szigetszentmárton 1994, Heves
  limestone, 1996, Veresegyház)
  Auer Lipót (bronze relief, 1995, Veszprém)
  Ráday Imre-tomb (1995, Farkasréti cenetary)
  Tribute site (beton, 1996, Szajol)
  Professors Tower(bronze, brick, 1997, Budapest, X. ker., Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital)
  Johann Sebastian Bach (bronze, 1999, Sárospatak).
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