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Medgyessy, Ferenc




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Ferenc Medgyessy sculptor was born in 1881 in Debrecen. From 1899 till 1905 he studied at the Medicine University of Budapest. In 1905 he admitted to the Julian Academy, and he was student of two years there. At the Grand Chaumière free school he educated himself on, than in the Academy des Beaux-Arts, where J. P. Laurens and J. C. Chaplainv were his teachers.

In 1912 he won the Szaczelláry-award and the Barta Károly-type nude-prize. In 1931 he got the Szinyei-prizes; in 1934 he was awarded by the Greguss-prize. On the Brussels World's fair in 1935 he won gold medal and in 1937 he got the Grand Prix as well. From 1948 he was a Kossuth laureate artist.
He went to study at Paris and Florence. He was a resident of the Artist Colony of "Százados street". In 1919 he was teacher of the Proletarian Art Training Workshops. From 1910 he was the member of the Artists' House in Budapest for four years; in 1924 he also became the member of the Artists' House in Debrecen. He was founding member a New Society of Artists, and the Ady Society in Debrecen.

Year Biography
1881 He was born in Debrecen
1899-1905 He studied at the Medicine University of Budapest
1905-1907      He trained himself in Paris at the Julian Academy, as a pupil of Colarossi, and
  in the Grand Chaumière free school and also in Academy des Beaux-Arts
1909-1910 He was on study trip in Paris and Florence
From 1911 until his death he was a resident of the Artist Colony of "Százados street"
1915-1917 army surgeon on the Galician front, he also produced military gravestones
1919 teacher of the proletarian Art training workshops
From 1913 He was member of the Hódmezővásárhely Artists Majolica and Clay Industry Colony
1910-1914 member of the Artists' House of Budapest
1924-1927  member of the Artists' House of Debrecen
  founding member a New Society of Artists, and the Ady Society in Debrecen
  His teachers: Laurens, J. P., Chaplain, J. C..
1957 Kossuth-award
1955 outstanding artist
1954 Tornyai-prize, Hódmezővásárhely
1948 Kossuth-award
1944 MTA arts prize
1937 Grand Prix on the World Exhibition in Paris
1935 Brussels World's Fair Gold Medal
1934 Greguss-award
1931 Szinyei-prizes
1912 Barta Károly-type nude-prize
  Artists' House Szaczelláry-award
  Single exhibitions
1982-1995 retrospective exhibition and from 1998 memorial museum, Debrecen
1981 Inheritance centenarian exhibition, Déri Museum, Debrecen
  Memorial exhibition, Pataky Gallery, Budapest
1968 Study exhibition, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1959-1976 protected National value studio - "Százados" street, Budapest
1957 Déri Museum, Debrecen (permanent exhibitions until 1968)
  Tornyai János Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
1956  Műcsarnok, Budapest
1932 Tamás Gallery, Budapest (with Tibor Boromisza, Csaba Perlrott)
1928 Tamás Gallery, Budapest (with József Egry)
1922 Helikon Gallery, Budapest (with Tibor Boromisza)
1913 Academy of Commerce (with Béla Kádár, Attila Sassy), Debrecen
  Selected group exhibitions
1958 XXIX. Venice Biennale, Venice
1954-1957 on the Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely
1947 Ady Society jubilee exhibition, Déri Museum, Debrecen
from 1950 on the Hungarian Artists and Applied Artists Association budapest and foreign exhibitions, Budapest
From 1945 the Artists Free Association
  Works in public collections
  Déri Museum, Debrecen
  Capital Gallery, Budapest
  Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc
  Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Reformed College, Debrecen
  József Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár
  István Türr Museum, Baja
  János Xantus Museum, Győr.
  Public works
  Béla Lengyel tomb (haraszti stone, 1917, Farkasréti cemetery)
  Mrs. Zsigmond Móricz tomb (haraszti stone, 1926, Kerepesi street' cemetery)
  Arts, Science, Archaeology, Ethnography (bronze sculptures, 1930, Debrecen, Déri square)
  Debrecen Students heroic monument (bronze relief, 1933, Debrecen, Reformed College wall)
  Man with fruit basket (kolozsvár sandstone relieves, 1933, Debrecen)
  Borosnya-tomb (haraszti stone, 1935, Farkasréti cemetary)
  Heroic monuments, 1935, Baja
  Jelky András (bronze, 1936, Baja)
  Ferenc Borvendég tomb (haraszti stone, 1937, Kerepesi street cemetary)
  Turkish-Hungarian battle (haraszti stone Memorial Fountain, 1938, Székesfehérvár)
  Ézsaiás Budai, József Lugossy, István Hatvani, Ferenc Balogh (bronze portrait relieves, 1938, Debrecen, Reformed College)
  Equestrian statue of St. Stephen (bronze, 1940, Győr, Castle garden)
  Harvest travel (haraszti stone relief, 1940, Banking Center, Szabadság square 5-6.)
  Mrs. Medveczky tomb (haraszti stone, 1941, Farkasréti cemetary)
  Saint Gellért-well (stone relief, 1942, Gellért hill)
  Mrs. Károly Lyka tombe (haraszti stone, 1943, Kerepesi street' cemetary)
  Hair curlers (Debrecen Venus) (bronze, 1946, Budapest, Gellért hill)
  Debrecen Venus (bronze, 1946, Debrecen, Déri square)
  Sándor Petőfi (bronze, 1948, Debrecen)
  Mrs. Béla Radnai tomb (ruskicai marble, 1949 v. 1959, Budapest, Farkasréti' cemetary)
  Bridge Construction (sóskút stone relief, 1950, Budapest, Váci street 67.)
  Csokonai-pantheon (bronze, 1953)
  Dancing woman (bronze, 1954, Budapest)
  Debrecen Venus (bronze, 1954, Gellért hill)
  1981, Debrecen
  Breast-feeding mothers (haraszti stone, 1954, Budapest, Gellért hill)
  Sunbathing woman (haraszti stone, 1955, Budapest)
  1982, Debrecen
  Sitting girl (Resting) (ruskicai marble, 1956, Debrecen, Children's clinic)
  Móricz-memorial (haraszti stone, 1957, Debrecen)
  Ottó Herman (haraszti stone, 1957, Miskolc)
  Fountain with bears (haraszti stone, 1956, Budapest)
  1986, Debrecen
  János Arany (bronze bust, 1957, Debrecen).
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