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Somogyi, József




József Somogyi was born in 1916 in Félszerfalva (town in Austria). Between 1935 and 1936 he studied at the Free School of Vilmos Aba Novák. In 1936 he was admitted to the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, where István Réti, Béla Kontuly and Zsigmond Kisfaludy Strobl were his teachers; he graduated in 1941. In 1940 he got honorable recognition on the spring salon of the Szinyei Society for his ‘Asian black bear’ titled works.

During his life he received all significant recognition. In 1954 he got Kossuth award; in 1956 the Munkácsy award was given to him. In 1958 for his ‘Dancers’ titled works (with Jenő Kerényi), they won the grand prize of the World Exhibition in Brussels. In 1966 he became merited artist; in 1970 he got the rank of outstanding artist. Furthermore he won countless awards on various Biennials. In 1976 he was awarded by the Gold Grades of Work Merit, in 1978 with the Madách award, in 1986 with the Hungarian People's Republic Flag Order recognized his work. In 1991 For the Hungarian Arts Award was given to him.

Between 1945 and 1963 he was the teacher of the Fine and Applied Arts Secondary School. From 1963 till 1993 he continued his teaching career as a professor of the Hungarian College of Fine Arts. Between 1974 and 1987 he was the rector of the college.

The essential characteristic of his sculpture are the skeleton-like representation and the structuring. Next to his bronze constructed works, which made for the public by the order of state, the secular and sacred circle sculpture, the bronze statuettes, as well as reliefs and medals and the varied technique of drawings also means important part of his works.

Year Biography
1916 He was born in Félszerfalva
1935-1936 Free School of Vilmos Aba Novák
1936-1941 the Hungarian College of Fine Arts
1945-1963 teacher of the Fine and Applied Arts Secondary School
1963-1993 teacher of the Hungarian College of Fine Arts
1974 and 1987 he was the rector of the college
1968-1977 President of the Hungarian Association of Fine and Applied Arts
1975-1980 A member of the Presidential Council
1984-1992 the secular President of the Hungarian Reformed Church
From 1992 Founder and board member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
  His teachers: István Réti, Béla Kontuly, Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl
  Single exhibitions
1998 Reformed Dorm, Pápa
1986 Káptalant., Sopron
1985 Gózon I. Cultural Center, Kiskunhalas
1983 Art Gallery, Győr
1979 Újpalota, Budapest
1978 Art Gallery, Budapest [with Károly Reich]
1977 Hatvan Gallery, Hatvan
1974 Balassagyarmat
1973 Medgyessy Hall, Hódmezővásárhely
1972 Helikon Gallery, Budapest
1971 Budapest Historical Museum, Budapest
1970 XXXV. Biennial of Venice, Venice [with Gyula Hincz]
1946, 1947, 1948  Cultural Center of Budapest, Budapest
  Memorial exhibitions
1997 Master and Disciples, Military History Museum, Budapest
1996 Ásványráró
  Masterpiece Gallery, Veszprém
  Benedictine Abbey Museum, Tihany
1994 Saint Michael Basilica, Veszprém
  Selected group exhibitions
1978 Hungarian sculptural exhibition, Art Gallery, Budapest
1975 Jubilee Fine Arts exhibitions, Art Gallery, Budapest
1971 New works, Art Gallery, Budapest
  III. National Statuette Biennial, Pécs
1950-1965 1-10. Hungarian Fine Arts exhibitions, Art Gallery, Budapest
1948 Towards the Public Art, Artists of Free Trade Unions, Budapest
  Works in public collections
  Mór Jókai Cultural Center, Pápa
  Gallery of Budapest, Budapest
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  József Somogyi Gallery, Pápa
  Public works
  Lion (bronze, 1948, Parliament)
  Arrogant bear (limestone, 1950, Dunaújváros)
  Martinász (bronze, 1953, set up in 1960, Dunaújváros)
  Abundance (1955, Sopron)
  Digger (bronze, 1955, Budapest, bajza str.)
  Peace (1956 Kazincbarcika)
  Dancers [with Jeno Kerenyi] (1958 Brussels World's Fair)
  Széchenyi Hill TV transmitter (bronze reliefs, 1959, Budapest, Hungary)
  Madách Theatre facade sculptures [with Gyula Kiss Kovacs and Jeno Kerenyi] (1961, Budapest)
  Family (bronze, 1963, Budapest, Óbuda experimental housing)
  Rest and athlete youth (terracotta reliefs, 1963, Szeged, Rákóczi square)
  János Szántó Kovács (bronze, 1965, Hódmezővásárhely)
  Girl with foal (bronze, 1965, Budapest, Gellért Hill)
  Maternity (bronze, 1965, Budapest, Hungary, Török str.)
  Liberation Monument (bronze, 1967, Salgótarján)
  Corpus (bronze, 1967, Hollóháza)
  Deer (bronze, 1968, Szeged, Felső-Tiszaparti Secondary School)
  Miklós Zrínyi (bronze, 1968, Szigetvár)
  Storks (bronze, 1968, Budapest, Textile Factory Nursery)
  Two-figures composition (bronze, 1968, Balatonöszöd)
  relief (bronze, 1969, Budapest, Mihály Pollack square, the Hungarian Radio)
  Gladiators (bronze, 1970, Budapest, Budapest University of Technology)
  Mednyánszky tomb (bronze, 1970, Budapest, Kerepesi cemetery)
  Harper girl (bronze, 1971, Budapest, Óbuda Zichy Palace)
  Fishermen (bronze, 1971, Siofok, hotelline)
  Landscape figure (bronze, 1971, Baja, City Hospital)
  Dózsa (bronze, 1972, Cegléd, Kossuth Square)
  Sándor Petofi (bronze, 1973, Pápa)
  Cellist girl (bronze, 1973, Vácrátót, Botanical Garden)
  Erno Mihalyfi tomb (bronze, 1974, Budapest, Kerepesi cemetery)
  Liberation Monument (bronze, 1975, Vác)
  Mother with her child (bronze, 1976, Budapest, Kossuth Square's metro station)
  dr. Jenő Polya (pyrogranite, 1978, Budapest, István Hospital)
  Price (bronze, 1979, Dunaújváros, Danube embankment)
  Béla Bartók portrait memorial (bronze, 1981, Budapest, Bottomless Lake Park)
  Laszlo Nagy plaque (bronze, 1981, Pápa, Sándor Petofi High School)
  Weary man (bronze, 1983, Makó, Attila József Museum)
  Nimrod (bronze, 1983, Győr)
  The memorial to the victims of fascism [with Jozsef Finta] (bronze, basalt, 1985, Budapest)
  II. Rákóczi bust (bronze, 1986, Tekirdag, Rákóczi memorial house)
  II. Rákóczi (bronze, 1986, Sárospatak, Castle park)
  The Three Graces (bronze, 1987, Veszprém, Kossuth Lajos st.)
  György Bessenyei bust (bronze, 1988, Sárospatak)
  István Széchenyi (bronze, 1988, Szécshenyi Wharf, MÁVTI)
  Bálint Kocsi Csergő Protestant preacher (bronze, 1988, Pápa)
  Mihály Vörösmarty (bronze, 1990, Sopron)
  Saint Stephen (bronze, 1990, St. Stephen's Office)
  The victims of the II. World War memorial (bronze, 1992, Ásványráró)
  Peter Veres portrait (bronze, 1992, Budapest, Peter Veres High School).
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