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Szkok, Iván



Szkok attenden the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest from 1963-70, his teachers were Sebestény Ferenc and György Kádár.  In 1992, He graduated in painting and teaching. He is a member of the Art Association DunaP’art, founded in 1987. Since 1992, he is a member of the Hungarian Society of Artists. In 1999 he was the chairman of the Society of Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts.

Iván Szkok freely combines in his works different styles and techniques with the means of painting and sculptures. The figurativity can always be found in a motive or symbol of concrete meaning. At the same time, we discover in his paintings captured by emotions, in the bodies, which are constantly in motion, in a gesture or an expression a certain tension. Through the play of positive and negative forms the „paintings in motion” are created and arise the fantasy of the observer. Everything is changing and the original painting is constantly in development, gains a new meaning. Szkok uses for his relief works clay, plaster or polyester and tempera or oil colours.

Year Biography
16232 He was born in Szombathely
1963-1970 Hungarian College of Fine Arts.
  His teachers: György Kádár, József Somogyi
1987 member of the DunaP'art Art Society
1999 President of the Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists Association
1971 Derkovits-scholarship
  Single exhibitions
2013 Koller Gallery, Budapest
2011 Attila József hall, Budapest
  Viszák, Cultural Shed
2010 Szombathely Gallery
  Semmelweis Salon, Budapest,
2009 Balatonszárszó
2008 István Csók Gallery, Budapest
2007 Szolnoki Gallery, Szolnok,
  Galerie Portheimka, Prague
  Gellért Hotel, Budapest
2005 Buda Klub Gallery
2004 Castrum Gallery, Vasvár
  Keve Gallery, Ráckeve
  Trinitarian Church, Eger
  Koller Gallery, Budapest,
2003 Westend City Center, Budapest
2002 Médium Gallery
2001 House of Hungarian Wines, Budapest
  Origo Gallery, Budapest
  Aulich Art Gallery, Budapest
2000 Atrum Hyatt, Balassagyarmat,
1999 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1998 Bank Center Gallery, Budapest
  King Matthias Community Centre, Visegrád
1997 Castle Museum, Simontornya
  MOL Gallery, Szolnok
1996 Csontváry Hall, Budapest
1991 Kiskőrös
  World Trade Center, Vienna
1990 Castle Gallery, Szirák
  County Cultural Center, Szombathely
1989 Atlantic Fine Editions, Houston (USA)
  Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Allen A. G., Lake Tahoe (USA)
1988 Atrium Hyatt Hotel, Budapest
1987 Youth House, Eger
1986 Csontváry Hall, Budapest
  Atrium Hyatt Hotel, Budapest
1985 Művelődési Ház, Komárom
1984 Atrium Hyatt Hotel, Budapest
1982 Atrium Hyatt Hotel, Budapest
  Fisherman's Bastion, Balatonkenese
  Public works
  Mother with her child (tapestry, 1970, Budapest, Buda Pediatrics)
  Water (tapestry, 1974, Szombathely, Water Directorate of the Western Transdanubia)
  Gypsy Family (fresco, 1975, Rakacaszend)
  Cable Harness-decorated facade [with Targe Laszlo] (hard colored polyethylene, 1982, Kecskemet, Post)
  Girls' head with pillows (terracotta, 1987, Budapest, Elizabeth Hotel)
  Annunciation (relief, 1987, Budapest, Park Hotel)
  Catering (plastic wall picture, 1988, Szombathely, Orlay School)
  Energies (plastic wall picture, 1990, Budapest, Institute of Geophysics)
  Muses (plastic wall picture, 1994, Budapest Artisjus Headquarters)
  St. John of Nepomuk Church repainting (1994-97, Mosonmagyaróvár)
  St. Stephen designate Moson at the seat of the county (altarpiece, 1996, Mosonmagyaróvár)
  Maria Theresa donate a church (secco, 1996, Mosonmagyarovar)
  St. Emeric, St. John of Nepomuk and St. Gotthard (secco, 1996, Mosonmagyarovar)
  Holy Cross Church repainting (1996 Ménfőcsanak).
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