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Tóth, Kristóf




Kristóf Tóth was born in 1990 in Budapest. In 2008 he graduated at the Bertalan Szemere Secondary School. Between 2008 and 2010 he attended at the University of Szeged, faculty of biology, than from 2010 till 2013 he studied at the University of Szeged at Gyula Juhász College Faculty, in visual representation, he specialized on painting.

On his paintings and sculptures - in addition to the studies - appear the natural motives, the speed representation is important for him (old cars designs). The biological studies inspired him in the representation of the animal and beetles. The popular themes of his statues are the representation of sports activities and the creation of the movement and momentum.

Year Biography
1990 He was born in Budapest
2008 He graduated at the Bertalan Szemere Secondary School
2008-2010  University of Szeged, faculty of biology
2010-2013 University of Szeged Gyula Juhász College Faculty, visual representation, specialized on painting
  His teachers: Ernő Tóth, Sándor Aranyi (painter), Tamás Szabó (sculptor),
  István Sinkó (painter), Margit Gerle (industrial artist), József Gál Lehel (painter)
  Single exhibitions
2014 Single exhibitions in the OTP Gallery , Budapest
  Labyrinth' titled exhibition, Szentedre 
  Gallery of Érd winter exhibition, Érd
  Confusion' titled exhibition in the Béla Kondor Cultural House, Budapest 
2013 Lübeck - paintings and sculptures, Germany
2012 Volvo Gallery, Budapest
2014 Szocsi Olympic art competition 2nd Prize 
2013 Ezüstgerely' Tender: Grand Prize
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