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Ana Kapor & Vladimir Pajevic: Mystic journey

2014. May 08. - June 01.

The artists Ana Kapor and Vladimir Pajevic create artworks, that build within the immense sea of contemporary art a unique, even lonely island.

The artist's oeuvre show highest respect for the academical rules of composition and arrangement. They both follow uniquely the art of the past epoques. With captivating implicitness, Ana Kapor is in line with the painting of the Italian Quattrocento. Vladimir Pajevic adopted with vital energy the manner of painting of the 19th century. Thus the aesthetic form of expression of the two artists is as different as their personalities. It seems as if the two oeuvres would underline the mental polarity of the male and the female or of the Dionysian and the Appolonian. The depiction of landscapes is always technically virtuosic and realised with outsized proximity to nature. A place, that is more than any other connected to the image of longing, silence, transience, is the garden. Thus the garden as a main motive is an evident link between the artistic work of Ana Kapor and Vladimir Pajevic.  See the invitation here 

Exhibited artworks

Kapor, Ana: Big Blue
Kapor, Ana - Big Blue private collection
Kapor, Ana: Golubac
Kapor, Ana - Golubac private collection
Kapor, Ana: Happy Island
Kapor, Ana - Happy Island sold to a private collection (Germany)
Kapor, Ana: Nighttime
Kapor, Ana - Nighttime private collection
Kapor, Ana: Ninfeo
Kapor, Ana - Ninfeo private collection
Kapor, Ana: Reflexed time
Kapor, Ana - Reflexed time private collection
Kapor, Ana: The Fortress
Kapor, Ana - The Fortress private collection
Kapor, Ana: The Southern passage
Kapor, Ana - The Southern passage private collection
Kapor, Ana: The temple
Kapor, Ana - The temple private collection
Kapor, Ana: Twilight
Kapor, Ana - Twilight private collection
Kapor, Ana: West Point
Kapor, Ana - West Point private collection
Pajevic, Vladimir: Icarus
Pajevic, Vladimir - Icarus private collection
Pajevic, Vladimir: Pulm Sunday
Pajevic, Vladimir - Pulm Sunday private collection
Pajevic, Vladimir: Small world
Pajevic, Vladimir - Small world sold to a private collection (Israel)
Pajevic, Vladimir: The age of innocence
Pajevic, Vladimir - The age of innocence sold to a private collection (England)
Pajevic, Vladimir: The king of forest
Pajevic, Vladimir - The king of forest sold to a private collection (Hungary)
Pajevic, Vladimir: The Memory
Pajevic, Vladimir - The Memory private collection
Pajevic, Vladimir: The Oncoming Storm
Pajevic, Vladimir - The Oncoming Storm private collection

Impressions from the exhibiton

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