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Luciano Longo - Memory, Artifice and Nature

2013. June 14. - June 30.

The still life is set up as an independent genre in the late Renaissance, but only later it was the subject of a definition that, if in the Protestant northern Europe becomes still life, or nature immobile, in the Catholic Mediterranean area is transformed into dead life: even in its name, the fate of a genre that had always been counter prejudice and a classification of minor. But from the 17th century its fortune increases and there are many great artists who engage with the genre, e.g. Caravaggio; masterpieces are born that become milestones in the history of art.
Luciano Longo devoted all his poetry to still lives, which manifests itself in a love for the detail, a wise and old expression of a way of painting, and while changing and evolving over the years, it remains intact in its sophistication and in its complexity. There is in his artworks a performing care typical of a slowness of painting, imposed not only by the same technique of oil painting, but also and, above all, by a love for details that sets this artist in the wake of the great masters who preceded him... READ MORE  The invitation of the exhibition

Exhibited artworks

Luciano Longo: Apuleio. Lucio and the roses
Apuleio. Lucio and the roses private collection
Luciano Longo: Caracalla
Caracalla private collection
Luciano Longo: Frugality
Frugality solt to a private collection (USA)
Luciano Longo: Mnemosyne
Mnemosyne private collection
Luciano Longo: Natura in posa
Natura in posa private collection
Luciano Longo: Peaches
Peaches private collection
Luciano Longo: Piatto Bruzio
Piatto Bruzio private collection
Luciano Longo: Pomegranates
Pomegranates sold to a private collection (The Netherlands)
Luciano Longo: Roses
Roses private collection
Luciano Longo: The tulip
The tulip sold to a private collection (Germany)
Luciano Longo: Vanitas
Vanitas private collection

Impressions from the exhibiton

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