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Berki, Viola



Viola Berki's graphics and illustrations are worthily appreciated. She recieved the Munkácsy-award in 1975, and in 1984, she was nominated Merited Artist. In 1994, she was the recipient of the Hungarian Cross of Honour for her works.
Her images look almost crowded. She often fills in the whole surface with a detailed, meticulous technique. This style, characteristic of Persian miniatures, shifts towards stylization and decorativity. However, the theme of her images always appears in a clear and definite manner. She often gives in to a naive way of expression. Berki's emphesized motives, her details that by nature don't belong together,  create a fantasy world built on a mix of reality and imagination.
The central scenery and topic of her works is often the jungle. Her animals' coexistence carries human connotations.
The archaic mythes and rituals evoke an ancient atmosphere. In her other works, the illustrative quality and narrative is often based on specific literary sources. In other cases, the artist invents subjective historical scenes.
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