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Egresi, Zsuzsa



Zsuzsanna Egresi was born December 11th 1954 in Dunaújváros. She began her artistic career as an autodidact. Following the line of traditional Hungarian graphics she developed her personal style. Béla Kondor, Arnold Gross and Laszlo Nagy both influenced on her art, as her sculptor mother, Ila E. Toth. From 1981 on she attended the Academy of Brera, where she studied stage design till 1983. She attended the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts Fund in 1980, from this time she became a professional artist. From 1981 on, she is living in Milano. She is a member of the Nürnberger Phantasten.
She picked up the bottom line of drawing in the city fine arts training. Her pictures take us to exciting landscapes and with the help of her glamorous figures going to have in fantastic adventures. With her works she follows the traditional traits of Hungarian graphical art. She creates black-and-white as well as colored etchings.
Year Biography
1954 she was born in Dunaújváros
1981-83 she attended at the Brera Academy, specialized on stage design, Milan
from 1981    she has been living in Milan
1985 Maximo Ramos-award
  Single exhibitions
2010 "Greetings from Trisperon ", Summer exhibition 2010’, Jászi Gallery
1999 Hungarian Academy in Rome
  Club Francesco Conti, Milan
  Arteficiera, Bologna
1995 Zebra One Gallery, Hongkong
  Badenia Bausparkasse, Nürnberg
1994 Zebra One Gallery, London
  G. Grafica Manzoni, Turin
1993 G. il Torchio di Porta Romana, Milan
  Centro Culturale, San Fedele, Milan
1992 Iskola Gallery, Dunaújváros
  Rudnay Gallery, Eger
1989 G. Centro d'Incisione, Milan
  Public Library, Palazzo Sormani, Milan
  Galerie Grohe, Hannover
1988 Tv-tower, Nürnberg
  Csók Gallery, Budapest 
1987 Deutsches M., München
  Art Club G., Haus Gesselschaft M., Nürnberg
1986 Edelmann Bookstore, Nürnberg
  Regina H., München
  Bello Piniero, El Ferrol (SP)
  M. Municipial
1985 Frankische Galerie, Nürnberg
  G. Dialoghi Club, Biella
  Dürer Terem, Budapest
1983 Uitz Terem, Dunaújváros
1982 Sala Gonzaga, Milan
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