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Kádár, Béla



Béla Kádár was born in Budapest in 1877 into a poor jewish family, where he grew up in bilingual (German and Hungarian) environment. At the age of twenty he started to explore Europe on foot, and he met the great cities of Europe, for example Munich, and Paris. While travelling he decided to become a painter. In 1899 he applied at the School of Industrial Design in Budapest, and from 1902 to 1903 he studied at the Art School, where Endre Balló was his teacher. From 1904 he was attending at the Free School in Munich and Budapest. Already in 1906 he had took part with his pastels and drawings on the periodic exhibition of the Art Gallery and the National Saloon.

Kádár’s earliest works were strongly influenced by Béla Iványi-Grünwald (and the Art Nouveau style) and József Rippl-Rónai’s compositional and colour solutions. He observed the paintings on the International Exhibitions of Budapest, the nabis-group’s paintings and the method of post-impressionists sparked his interest. In the 1920 he turned to the expressionism, he appeard in exhibitions in Vienna, in the Belvedere in Hungary, and in the Der Strum Gallery in Berlin in 1924 and 1925.
In the 1930s he painted figurative compositions enriched with neoclassical forms, in the style of Art Deco, and he had great success amoung the audience and the artists as well.

Year Biography
1877 he was born in Budapest
1899 School of Industrial Design, Budapest
1902 He studied at the Art School, his teacher was Endre Balló
1904 he attended at the Free School in Munich and Budapest
1906 he exhibited his drawings and pastels in the Kunsthalle ad in the National Saloon periodic exhibitions
1911 he work with scholarship in the Artist Colony of Szolnok
  His teacher: Balló Endre
1910 Adolf Kohner Szolnok scholarship
  Marcell Nemes 'thousand crowns' award 
  Selected exhibitions
2003 Ben Uri Gallery, Memorial Exhibition, London
2002 Memorial exhibitions of the collections of more than 150 works in Mű-Terem Gallery, Budapest
1971 Memorial Exhibition, Hungarian National Art Gallery, Budapest
1930's he exhibited in Tamás Gallery, Ákos Kovács Gallery, Fränkel Saloon
1928 group exhibition in the USA
1923,1924 Der Sturm Gallery, Berlin
1922 Belvedere
1921 exhibiition with Hugó Scheiber, Max Hevesi Saloon, Bécs
1918 single exhbition in the Ernst Museum and in the Műterem Gallery
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