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Kiss, Tibor




Tibor Kiss was born in 1955 in Budapest. Between 1975 and 1979 he studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, where his teacher was Pál Gerzson. Currently he is an associate professor of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts.

Besides the individual exhibition in Hungary his works can be found also in Swiss exhibitions. From 1985 he regularly takes part on the Autumn Exhibitions of Hódmezővásárhely (city in Csongrád County), and on group exhibitions in Budapest and in abroad. His works are housed in the Museum of Military History.

He makes paintings with drawing skills based, traditional painting techniques, the structure of the human body, the anatomy attracted him, during the college years; his mastery knowledge can be observed on his works.

Year Biography
1955 He was born in Budapest
1975-79 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
From 1979 He is an associate professor of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
  His teacher: Pál Gerzson
2009 Ministry of Defence Excellence Award
2008 Ministry of Defence Excellence Award
2003 „Príma” award
2003 MS master award
2002 Wine Festival award
2002 NM award
2001 Millennium Award for Excellence
1998 Wine Festival award
1997 Koller-award
1991 Molnár C. Pál-award
1991 Tornyai Plaque and Award
1990 City Council of Hódmezővásárhely awards
1989 Csongrád County Council awards
  Single exhibitions
1997 TM Gallery, Budapest
1993 Buda Castle Museum, Simontornya
1990 Csepel Gallery, Budapest
1989 Association of Hungarian Architects Headquarters, Budapest
1985 Cimaise Galerie, Lausanne
1984 Cultural Center, Gyönk
1981 Iskola Gallery, Budapest-Csepel
  Works in public colections
  Museum of Military History, Budapest
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