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Melocco, Miklós




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One of the most important representatives of the national figurative sculpture is Milkós Melocco born in a civic family in Rome on april 3, 1935. After he returned to Hungary with his family they moved to their Stefánia Street’s flat to the neighborhood of Miklós Ligeti (one of the greatest Hungarian impressionist sculptor at the turn of the 20th century), who had a great influence on the artist. At Budapest he attended a church school. Later he struggled with financial problems while he made the high school. In addition to study he was forced to work, as unskilled labour, snow worker and grave-digger too. He applied for the Academy of Fine Arts three times, but he was rejected twice because of his civil origin. Finally he was admitted in 1955. He started his studies with Gyenes Tamás and Sándor Miklós and then, in 1961 he graduated as the pupil of János Kmetty and Pál Patzay.

He has been a regularly exhibiting artist from 1962 and the author of numerous historical articles as well. He also worked at the Studio of Young Artists where he produced the bench-seated Ady. He lived with his family at the Artist Colony of Kecskemét, later he worked at the György Dózsa street’ studio. Most of his works are made of gypsum, often as a direct molding. In 1981 he settled in Zsámbék (city in Pest County), still lives and works there.

From 1990 he is the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts recipient professor. From 1992 he is the member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, from 1995 he is presidency member.


Year Biography
12877 he was born in Rome
1955-1961 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
  Member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.
  His teachers: Tamás Gyenes, Sándor Mikus, Pál Pátzay
2014 The Artist of the Nation award
1988 Hungarian Heritage Award.
1987 Podmaniczky-award
1985 Anna Neugeld Foundation prized
1982 Merited artist
1975 Munkácsy-award
1973 XIV. Summer Exhibition of Szeged first prize, Szeged, Hungary
1966 Stúdió-award
1995 Situation / Hungarian sculpture, Kunsthalle, Budapest
1991 Contemporary art, Hungarian National Gallery- Ludwig Museum, Budapest
  Small Sculpture '94, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1990 Municipal Gallery, Budapest
1988 Municipal Gallery, Budapest
1986 Toronto.
  Uitz Hall, Dunaújváros
  Art Gallery, Budapest.
1985 Kunstmesse, Basel.
  Art Gallery, Budapest.
1980 Sculpture Biennale, Monza
1977 Cultural Center, Szeged, Hungary
  Hommage á Ady Endre, Petőfi Literature Museum, Budapest
1975 The giants spirit in the past, Kecskemét.
1974 Ferenc Móra Museum Szeged.
  Budapest Community Centre, Budapest
1973 Petőfi Literature Museum, Budapest.
1972 Petőfi Literature Museum, Budapest.
  Institute for Cultural Relations
1971 Art Gallery Budapest
1970 Salgótarján
1967 Art Gallery, Budapest
  Young Artists V. Biennial of Paris, Paris
  Public works
  Bathing elephant (limestone, 1962, Ózd-Bolyok, nursery)
  Pelican (limestone, 1964, Budapest, Gellér-hill, Jubilee Park)
  Dr. George Koltay (limestone portrait, 1964, Sárvár, Arboretum)
  György Thury (1967, Tata)
  Béla Bartók (limestone portrait, 1969, Győr, Bartók Béla street)
  Female torso (stone, 1970, Budapest, MTA Biological Research Institute)
  Crouching (limestone, 1970, Salgótarján, József Attila Culture House)
  Matthias King (limestone relief 1970, Budapest, I. dist., Tárnok Street's Primary School)
  Peacock (stone, bronze, 1971, Budapest, IX. dist., József Attila housing estate)
  Pelican(stone, 1971, Budapest, MÉM Exhibition office)
  Giving birth (limestone, 1971, Miskolc)
  Vági István (limestone portrait, 1971, Nagykőrös)
  Dr. Tangl Harald (gypsum portrait, 1972, Herceghalom, Animal Husbandry Research Institute)
  Paper airplane (limestone, 1973, Budapest, XII. dist., Zugligeti street, Lift)
  Dragon Fountain (limestone, 1973, Orfű, Tourist settlement)
  Recumbent women (limestone, 1974, Miskolc, Szentpéter Gate, County Hospital)
  Pelican (limestone, 1974, Kecskemét, Fő square)
  Radnóti (bronze, 1974, Jánoshalma, Miklós Radnóti Secondary School)
  Vécsey Károly (wooden portrait relief, 1974, Solt, Primary School)
  Thury György (limestone, 1975, Tata, Castle)
  Dr. Gyula Mészöly-tomb (copper, 1975, Kecskemét)
  Zoltán Kodály (bronze, architecture, 1975, Kecskemét, Fő square [with József Kerényi, Tamás Fekete])
  Agitator (pear tree portrait, 1975, Budapest)
  Ady: At the head of the dead (limestone, iron, 1976, Tatabánya, Népház-park, Tatabánya, College of Business Studies)
  Fő square (basalt street signs, 1976, Budapest, III. dist., Fő square)
  Országház street (Wall transiting nun) (painted limestone, 1976, Budapest, I. dist., Országház str.)
  Béla Komjádi (bronze portrait, 1976, Budapest)
  Ady-altar (gypsum, 1977, Budapest, Petőfi Literature Museum)
  Sitting women (limestone, 1977, Pásztó, Strand)
  Ady Endre (Carrara marble, 1977, Pécs, Barbakán, moat)
  Ady Endre (limestone, bronz, 1977, Debrecen, Nagyerdei Sculpture promenade)
  II. Rákóczi Ferenc (bronze, stone, 1979, Mezőtúr)
  Radnóti (granit, 1980, Győr-Abda with József Kerényi)
  József Attila-altar(painted gypsum, 1982, Komló, Theatre)
  József Attila-memorial(süttői limestone, 1983, Mezőhegyes, Cultural Center)
  Holy Sepulchre (gypsum, 1984, Győr, Székesegyház)
  Kanyó Zoltán-tomb (limestone, 1985, Szeged, Downtown cemetery)
  Freedom Column (limestone, 1985, Zsámbék)
  Gerelyes Endre (terracotta portrait, 1986, Salgótarján, Youth Cultural House)
  Farmer memorial (limestone, 1986, Ópusztaszer, National Memorial Park)
  Dr. Alexander Szentmihályi (gypsum portrait, 1986, Gödöllő)
  Csilla Molnár-tomb (1986, Kaposvár)
  Kilus well (limestone, 1986, Budapest, I. dist., Mészáros str.)
  Bac-chus and the Lady (Carrara marble, 1986, Budapest, Grand Hotel Hungary)
  Socrates (sandstone, 1987, Zsámbék, TF)
  Sandvine knighting (stone relief, 1988, Budapest, I. dist., Castle, Sándor-palace)
  Amerigo Tot-tomb (limestone, 1989, Farkasrét Cenetary)
  Spring Feast, Triumph of Venus (stone relief, reconstruction, 1989, Budapest, I. dist., Sándor-palace)
  Archimedes and the young (gypsum, 1989, Budapest, XVIII. dist., Thököly street, School of Construction)
  Gyula Derkovits (bronze, 1989, Kazincbarcika)
  Roze (bronz, 1990, Budapest, XXII. dist., Rózsakert str. With László Lakner)
  Mátyás-memorial (limestone, bronz, 1990, Székesfehérvár, Fő st.)
  Radnóti (bronze portrait, 1990, Kiskunhalas, Felsőváros Primary School)
  Socrates (limestone, 1991, Canberra [AUS], Hungarian Embassy)
  Zoltán Latinovits (bronze, 1991, Balatonszemes, Roze garden)
  II. world war memorial (süttő limestone, 1991, Gárdony)
  Count István Széchenyi (Bulgarian limestone, 1994, Miskolc)
  Memorial of the II. World War victims (bronze, 1997, Vác, Postapark)
  56 Memorial (limestone, 1997, Szeged, Béla Rerrich square)
  József Antall-tomb(kő, 1999, Kerepes street Cenetary).
  Works in public collections
  Capital Gallery, Budapest
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Mora Ferenc Museum, Szeged
  Petőfi Literature Museum, Budapest
  Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely, Hungary
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