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Schaár, Erzsébet




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Elisabeth Schaár was born in 1908 in Budafok. In 1924 she was admitted to the Hungarian College of Fine Arts, where she learnt at the class of Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl until 1926. In this year she took study trip to Paris, than she spent short time in Munich and in Vienna. From 1926 she had been regularly exhibiting artist. In 1932 she organized her first single exhibition in Budapest. In the same year she won the young artist’s Szinyei award.

She was elected member of the Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists Association. She got Munkácsy award in 1962. In 1972 she became merited artist. In 1970 the Elisabeth Schaár life-works exhibition was kept in the Art Gallery in Budapest. In 1972 she exhibited in Antwerpen and also in Geneva. The Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg organized a memorial exhibition for her in 1977.

Several of her statues stand in Hungary in different cities: Budapest, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Pécs, Tihany and in elsewhere. A significant part of her works can be found at the Stephen King Museum in Székesfehérvár.

Year Biography
1908 She was born in Budafok
1924 School of Industrial Design
1924–1926 Hungarian College of Fine Arts
1926-ban she went to study to Paris, then she was staying in Munich and Vienna
  Her teachers: Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl
1972 Merited Artist
1962 II. National Statuette Biennial, I. prize, Pécs
1932 Young Artist's Szinyei-award
  Single exhibitions
2005 In memoriam of Elisabeth Schaár and Tibor Vilt, South-Buda, Culture and Leisure Center, Budapest
2003 Memorial exhibition, N&n Gallery, Budapest
1999 In memoriam "Leányka" street 18, (with Tibor Vilt), Budatétény Gallery, Budapest
1988 Memorial exhibition, (with Tibor Vilt), Budatétény Gallery, Budapest
1986 Memorial exhibition, János Asztalos Cultural Center, Rétság
1985 Galerija Zacheta (with Tibor Vilt), Warsaw
1983 Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1982 XL. Venice Biennale, Venice
1981 V. International Statuette Biennial, Art Gallery, Budapest
1977 Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum, Duisburg
  Elisabeth Schaár and Tibor Vilt exhibition, Saint Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár
1974 Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
  Kunstmuseum, Luzern
  Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár  
1972 Cultural Center, Gent, Belgium
  Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerpen, Belgium
1970 Art Gallery, Budapest
1966 Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna
  Saint Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár 
1960 The Art Gallery Exhibition Hall, Budapest
1932 Tamás Gallery, (with Józsa Járitz), Budapest
1930 Budapest
  Group exhibition
1993 Variations for the pop art-chapters from the Hungarian art 1950–1990, Ernst Museum, Budapest.
1985 Contemporary Visual Art in Hungary, Eighteen Artist, The Third Eye Centre, Glasgow (UK)
1984 Glass Sculptures, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1983 Contemporary Hungarian art, Warsaw; Krakow; Wroclaw; Bytom
  Tendencias de la Escultura Hungara Contemporanea, Salas de la Direction General
  Internationales de Bellas Artes et Archivos, Madrid; Gulbenkian Alapítvány, Lisszabon
1982 Modern Hungarian art from the Saint Stephen King Museum of Székesfehérvár, Levy Galerie, Hamburg
  Hungarian Glass-Sculpture, Suomen Lasimuseo, Riihimäki, Finland
1981 Hungarian art 1905–1980, Konstmuseum, Göteborg; Konsthall, Malmö; Konsthall, Stocholm (S)
1980 Art and society 1945–1980, Art Gallery, Budapest
1979 Contemporary Hungarian art, Firenze, Milan, Italy
1973 Contemporary Hungarian sculpture 1957–1972, Puskin Museum, Moscow, Russia
1972 Glass in the sculpture, Gallery, Szeged
1971 I. International Statuette Biennial, Art Gallery, Budapest
1969–1974 II–IV. National Statuette Biennial, Pécs
1967 International Sculpture Biennale, Middelheim (NL)
1948 Towards the Public Art, Old Art Gallery, Budapest
  Her public works
1980 VilmaHugonnai, bronze, Budapest
1974 The Memorial of Sachsenhausen
  Károly Kernstok, bronze, Budapest, Artist boardwalk of Margaret Island
1972 György Goldmann, bronze, Budapest
  Imre Henszlmann, bronze, Budapest
1969 Adolf Káldor, bronze, Budapest
  Miklós Radnóti, bronze, Budapest
1968-1970 Scientists, limestone, Institute of Biology, Tihany
1966 Female Body, housing, Ajka
1965 Female Body, Rácfürdő, Budapest
  Mihály Karolyi, Budapest
1965 Béla Bartok, Budapest
1953 Déryné, limestone
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