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Mózes Incze - Pastchanger

2017. March 09. - April 02.

Moses Incze’s paintings have been continously growing in reputation within hungarian contemporary figurative art. He was originally born in Transylvania, but from the mid-90s he is living in Hungary. His paintings recall the old masters efforts, but also reflect on fresh and actual topics, counterpointing and overwriting them with provoking visual elements. On his classically composed works almost always an object appears that is associated with our current time; typically his figures and scenes contain everyday devices, tools, or other attributes of our everyday life. The large part of his exhibited paintings of this exhibition focuses on the subject of the ambigue relation between man and the digital world.

In parallel with our exhibition in Budapest, Incze’s reputation is growing also abroad: only one week after our opening, the artist will have his first show in Lugano, Switzerland.

Our exhibition is on show until april 2nd.

Exhibited artworks

Incze, Mozes: Connecting points
Connecting points private collection
Incze, Mozes: Don't be afraid!
Don't be afraid! Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Doubt
Doubt Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Expanded dimension
Expanded dimension private collection
Incze, Mozes: Feeling
Feeling Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Genezis
Genezis private collection
Incze, Mozes: It starts here
It starts here Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Landscape above (triptich)
Landscape above (triptich) private collection
Incze, Mozes: Menu
Menu Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Misfeeling
Misfeeling Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Ophelia
Ophelia Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Pastchanger
Pastchanger Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Phase
Phase private collection
Incze, Mozes: Transition
Transition Private collection
Incze, Mozes: Viewpoints
Viewpoints Private collection

Impressions from the exhibiton

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