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Kondor, Béla




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After 1945, he was one of most particular Hungarian artists. His graphical life-work is equally important with his paintings. With his individual style, he was at the same time modern and traditional. He followed with his techniques the old masters, but his works were still contemporary. It was important, that the choice of topic always burried some meaning. That explains, why he often used traditional iconographic representations although reinventing them.
In the centre of his moralising works is often the self-destructive man, who is overwhelmed by the surrounding he created himself, but which he can no longer controll. Philosophical and metaphysical references can be found in his works, as well as social and human sensitivity.
Due to his early death, he leaves us an unfinished life-work. But his influence on future graphical generations is still strong. His life-work was awared the Munkácsy-award in 1965 and 1971 and the Kossuth-Award in 1990.
Year Biography
1931 He was born in Pestszentlőrinc in Budapest
1950-1956 College of Fine Arts, painting department
  and from the third year he specialized on graphic
  Regularly worked in Miskolc and the in the
  Artist Colony of Kecskemét
  He went to study to France, Yugoslavia
  Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Russia
  His teachers: Jenő Barcsay, János Kmetty,
  Endre Domanovszky, Károly Koffán.
1990 He was posthumously awarded by the Kossuth Prize
1971 Munkácsy-award
1970 Cracow International Graphic Biennial Awarded
1966 Lugano Graphic Biennial special invitee
1965 Tokyo International Graphic Biennial Awarded
1965 Munkácsy-award
1963 National Graphic Biennial Grand Prize, Miskolc
1959 Derkovits-scholarship
  Selected exhibitions
1973 Helikon Gallery, Budapest
1972 Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
1972 Institute of Cultural Relations Exhibition Hall, Budapest
1970 Art Gallery, Budapest
1970 Lajos Kossuth University of Science, Debrecen
1968 Venice. XXXIV. Biennial
1968 Patriotic front V. districts's Club, Budapest
1966 Mihály Munkácsy Museum, Békéscsaba
1965 Sao Paolo-i VIII. Biennial
1965 Ernst Museum, Budapest
1964 Saint Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár
1964 Salon Gradskoj M., Szabadka
1964 Dürer Hall, Budapest
1964 Tokyo IV International Graphic Biennial
1963 Paris Biennial of Young Artists
1963 Jókai Club, Budapest
1963 Young Artists Club, Budapest
1962 Miami Museum of Modern Art
1960 Adolf Fényes Hall, Budapest
1958 Lugano International Graphics Exhibition
  Works in public collection
  Museum of Bakony, Veszprém
  City Gallery, Budapest
  Gallery of Szombathely, Szombathely
  Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre
  Lajos Hatvany Museum, Hatvan
  Ottó Herman Museum, Miskolc
  Saint Stephen King Museum, Székesfehérvár
  Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs
  Ferenc Móra Museum, Szeged
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Miskolci Gallery, Miskolc
  Mihály Munkácsy Museum, Békéscsaba
  Sándor Nógrádi Museum, Salgótarján
  Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
  Gallery of Somogy, Kaposvár
  City Gallery, Linz
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