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László Taubert




László Taubert was born in 1966 in Budapest. He attended the College of Fine Arts for seven years. The first three years consisted of classical sculptural studies, under the conduct of an older, well-educated master with figural tendencies. The following years gave room for Taubert's artistic formation.
Taubert sees the similarity between concepts conventionally categorized as separate or opposite entities.  In his art there is no rigid differentiation between  individual and individual, past and future, or man and woman.  In Taubert's sculptures classical and modern forms meet in a single work. He breaks the traditional classical forms with his modern technique, without taking away any of the original value and meaning they carry ("King and Queen"). 
His sculptures are witnesses of the past and present at the same time. The past is represented by artistic and sculptural forms, while a sense of present time is achieved through personal, subjective elements and perceptions. Taubert's figures form an entity, despite their gender differences and lack of direct contact.
His bronze and marble sculptures combine the three basic elements of sculpting: material, form, and thought.
Év Életrajz
1966 Born in Budapesten
1985 Kerényi Jenő-award
1986-1990 B.A., Scool of Fine Arts, Budapest
  Teacher: József Somogyi
1990-1993 M.A., Scool of Fine Arts, Budapest
  Teacher: István Bencsik
1996 Advanced Artistic Studies JPTE, Pécs, Hungary
2009 Koller Foundation Prize, Budapest
2007 Béla Endre Prize, Autumn Exhibition of Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
2004 EuCeCo 1st European CeramicsCompetetion, Bronze Prize, Athen, Greece
1996 Workprize, Autumn Exhibition of Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
1995 Prize of the József Kótai, Biennial Exhibition of Medals, Sopron, Hungary
1994 Derkovits Scholarship, Budapest
1993 Herman Lipót-award, Budapest
1991 Ludwig Foundation Scholarship, Budapest
  Selected Exhibitions
2010 Iliad Gallery New York Art Fair
2010 Művészetek Háza, Tatabánya,
  Hungarian Arts in Paris group exhibition, Erdész Gallery, Szentendre
  Belvedere Gallery Budapest
2008 Iliad Gallery, Fall Antique Show, San Francisco, CA
  Iliad Gallery, Spring International Art & Antique Show, New York, NY 
2007 Smelik & Sokking Gallery, Den Haag, Hollandia
  Gabrielle Laroche Gallery, Paris
2006 Henrietta Lerner, Baden-Baden, Germany
2006 Erdész Light & Loft Gallery (with Barbara Sipos), Budapest
  Aulich Art Gallery, (with Morph group), Budapest
2006 Hegyvidék Gallery, Budapest
2004 Jézus Kápolna, Chaumont, France
2004 V.th. District Mayor Office, Paris
2003 Zinko Gallery, Paris
2002 Institute Hungary, Paris.
  Trienale internationale d’art contemporain, Paris.
2001 Kunsthalle, Budapest.
  Le Salon des Artistes, Paris.
1998 Smelik and Stokking Gallery, Den Haag, Holland
1997 Museum of Hatvan
1996 X.th. Biennial Exhibition of Medal's exhibition, Sopron, Hungary
  43.th. Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely, Tornyai János Museum, Hódmezővásárhely.
  Galerie Eremitage, Göttingen.
1995 XIV. National Statuette Biennial, Pécs.
  Kunsthalle, Budapest.
1994 Erlin Gallery, Budapest.
  Charlotte Heming Galerie, Darmstadt.
  Vigadó Gallery, Budapest.
1993 The Torso and Sculpture in Hungary, Városi Gallery, Miskolc.
  XIII. National Statuette Biennial, Pécs.
1992 Foundation MHB Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest.
  Public Statues
  Monument of Grover, 2006, Pécs
  1956 -os Forradalom Emlékmű, 2006, Nagykanizsa
  1956 -os Forradalom Emlékmű, 2006, Pusztaszabolcs
  King and Quenn 2001, Páty
  Bridge, 2001, Geneva, Svájc
  Millennium Statue, 2000, Székesfehérvár
  Odyseus, 1997, Tangermünde, Németország
  Monument of the Heros, 1996, Tata.
  Kurosz, 1996, Pécs.
  Pihenő nő, 2000, Genf.
  Millennium Statue, 2000, Székesfehérvár, Zichy-liget.
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