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Reich, Károly


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Károly Reich was born the 7th of August 1922 in Balatonszemes. Already as a child, he was fascinated by paintings and wood carving. After school, he started to work and made his first decorations for display windows. In 1942, he continued his studies at the drawing school of the Hangya Association in Budapest till 1948. Jenő Haranghy, Ernő Kállai, Gyula Hincz und György Konecsni were his teachers.
After his studies he created movie posters, graphics, illustrations. His first works were the illustrations of the books by Sándor Petőfi, János Arany and Jolán József. At that time book illustrations were his main occupation.
From 1950 on, he participated regularly at exhibitions, first with fairy tale illustrations. In 1954 and 1956 he was awarded the Munkácsy-Award, in 1963 the Kossuth-Award. In the same year, his first single exhibition took place in the Dürer salon in Budapest. In 1965, he was awarded the gold medal from the International Book fair in Leipzig. At that time he got several commissions for wall paintings.
In 1972, his exhibition was opened at the Palace of Art in Budapest. In 1975, he got the title Awarded Artist. During the 1980s, he also did some statuettes in bronze. The Vigadó Gallery in Budapest presented his works in 1981. In 1987, the Festőterem in Sopron opened his last broad exhibition. Reich died the 7th of January 1988 in Budapest.
His lifework shows around 500 book illustrations, which are mainly inspired by Greek mythology. His works can be found in the National Gallery Budapest, the Petőfi Literary Museum Budapest, in private collections and in the heritage, of which his family takes care of.
Year Biography
1922 born in Balatonszemes
1942-1944 Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts
  Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts
  Teachers: Jenő Haranghy, György Konecsni, Gyula Hincz.
  Illustration of over 500 books
  Among them: Petőfi Sándor-, Móra Ferenc-, Benedek Elek-,
  Kormos István-, Zelk Zoltán-, Radnóti-illustrations, Variációk (1971, mit Gábor
  Devecseri) , Pastorale (1973), Hazafelé, Hitem szerint (1977), Ceruzarajzok (1985).
1954 Munkácsy-award
1956 Munkácsy-award
1963 Kossuth-award
1972 Merited artist
1975 Outstanding artist
  Solo exhibitions
2000 Déri Múzeum, Debrecen.
1995 Kossuth Klub, Budapest
1993 Csontváry Galéria, Budapest; Csorna; Művészetek Háza, Szekszárd (kat.)
1989 Budapest Galéria, Budapest
1987 Hamburg; Sopron; Békéscsaba (kat.)
1986 Miskolc
1984 Művelődési Központ, Veszprém
1983 Erzsébetvárosi Kisgaléria
1982 Bolgár Kultúra Háza
1981 Vigadó Galéria, Budapest
1978 Műcsarnok [mit Somogyi József] (kat.)
  Kápolna, Balatonboglár [with Somogyi József], Miskolc
1977 Csók Galéria, Budapest (kat.); Somogyi Képtár, Kaposvár
  Megyei Könyvtár, Békéscsaba; Művelődési Ház, Ajka [with János Kass]
1976 Szekszárd
1975 Szófia
1974 Visegrád
1973 Helikon Galéria, Budapest
1972 Műcsarnok, Budapest (kat.); Berlin
1971 Hajdúszoboszló; Miskolc
1964 Dürer Terem, Budapest
  Group exhibitions
1981 BIB '81, Pozsony.
1978 Magyar grafika, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Rajzok, Miskolci Galéria, Miskolc
  Orizont , Bukarest
1971 Barátaink, Bolgár Kulturális Központ, Budapest
1968 Ungarische Kunst, Museum Folkwang, Essen
1966 9 festő és grafikus kiállítása, Műcsarnok, Budapest
  IX. Esp. Internationale di bianco e nero, Lugano (CH)
1960 Magyar Plakát-Történeti Kiállítás 1885-1960, Műcsarnok, Budapest
1961-1985 I.-XIII. Országos Grafikai Biennálé, Miskolc
1952-1965 3.-10. Magyar Képzőművészeti kiállítás, Műcsarnok, Budapest
  Public works
  Pannók (Gyermekváros, Fót)
  Kindergarden, Zalaegerszeg
  Kindergarden, Rákospalota
  Budapest, II. sz. Childen's clinic
  Children's clinic, Miskolc.
  Works in public collections
  Déri Múzeum, Debrecen
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum, Budapest.
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