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Rékassy, Csaba



His works are characterised by the granted virtuosity, the absolut knowledge of the etching technique and the classical artistic interpretation of it. Most of the time his works are very complex, they consist of numerous details. Thus the meticulousness is not disturbing, the viewer is asked to follow the composition of the interlinked details with great attention. The images often show playfullness, humour and irony. Through the free fantasy motives, which fit or normally would not fit are combined. As some kind of distorting mirror.

As recurring themes we can see human character traits in mythological scenes. The observes is faced with tiny mistakes we make, minor „sins”. Main themes are also the respect for the artist and the artistic work and at the same time the self-irony of the spirit of time.

For his witty and at the same time serious arworks, the artist has been awarded the Munkácsy-award in 1972.

Year Biography
1937 He was born in Budapest
1952-1956 High School of Art and Design
1956-1963 Hungarian Academy of Fine Art, faculty of mural painting
From 1963 He had been exhibiting artists
1989 Outstanding artist
1989 On the XV. National graphic Biennial the Association of the Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists' award
1987 A XIV. National graphic Biennial the Ministry of Culture technical Prize
1985 the "Várnai" graphic Biennial award
1985 Book Illustrators Award for Excellence
1985 Merited artist
1984 Szeged City Council prize
1984 The IBBY Council of International Children's Book Prize
1983 On the XII. National graphic Biennial a Hungarian People's Republic of Fine Art Fund Prize
1975 The VIII. National graphic Biennial Grand Prize
1973 On the VII. National graphic Biennial the Hungarian People's Republic of Fine Art Fund Prize
1972 Munkácsy Mihály-award
1971 Tornyai-plaque
1971 Prize at the Hungarian National Gallery's Dürer exhibition
1971 He won prize with his 'storytelling' titled etching on the Tokyo graphic Biennial
1967 On the V. Miskolc National graphic Biennial the Borsod County Council of Trade Unions' award
1967 The IV. Miskolc National graphic biennial award
  Single exhibitions
1998 Lukács and Horváth Gallery, Nagycenk.
1996 János Damjanich Museum, Szolnok
  Miskolc Gallery, Miskolc (memorial exhibition)
1987 Ernst Museum, Budapest
  Spring Days of Sopron, Mining Museum, Sopron
1986 Budapest Gallery, Budapest
  Szolnok Gallery, Szolnok (with Margit Ágotha)
  G. Savremene Likovne Umetnusti Niš, Yugoslavia
1981 Hungarian Culture House, Prague
1980 Galerie Rutz Moser, Munich
1979 Zeigt im "Atelier Mensch", Hamburg
  Csók Gallery, Budapest
1978 Galerie zum Rechbock, Stein am Rhein
  Attila József Library, Miskolc
1977 Cultural Center, Szeged
1972 Ferenc Móra Museum Gallery, Szeged
  Cultural House, Hajdúszoboszló
1971 Art Gallery's Hall, Budapest
1968 Buenos Aires
  Group exhibitions
1993 Encounter… the authentic folk art as contemporary art, Danube Folk Festival, House of Arts, Szekszárd.
1992 90 years of the Szolnok Art Colony, Gallery of Szolnok Szolnok
1989 Selection of three years of works, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  36. Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely, János Tornyai Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
1987 Friendship Graphic Collectiony, Zirc
  Szolnok Fine Art Triennial, Gallery of Szolnok, Szolnok
1984 Artotéka', Ervin Szabó Library of the capital city X. dist. branch library
1983 "The unfolding years around 1960 years.". The XX. c. Hungarian art, Csók Gallery, Székesfehérvár
1981 Hommage à Bartók, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1980 Spring exhibition, Salgótarján
  Art and society, Art Gallery, Budapest
  Intergraphic '80, Berlin
  New graphic works, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1979 For the Socialist Arts, headquarters of the Association of Architects
1978 New graphic works, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Etniki Pinakothiki Alexandros Soutsos, Athen
  XIX. Summer exhibitions, Szeged
  Hungarian Graphic, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1975 Hungarian Graphic, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1972 For the memory of Dózsa, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1971 Hungarian graphic exhibition. Dürer birth's 500. anniversary, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Dürer Hall, Gyula
1970 VIII. International graphic Biennial, Tokyo
1969 Kunst aus Ungarn und Finnland, Kiel
  Hungarian art 1945-1969, Art Gallery, Budapest
1968 New Hungarian Graphic, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1967 Youth Biennial, Paris
1962 National Fine Arts Exhibition, Herman Ottó Museum, Miskolc
  Works in public collection
  János Damjanich Museum, Szolnok
  Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest.
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