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Szabó, Vladimir



Vladimir Szabó was born December 5th in 1905 in Balassagyarmat. He got in contact with art very early in childhood, as his father, Vladimir Szabó sen. was a teacher of drawing. In 1924 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts, István Csók, Gyula Rudnay and János Vaszary were his teachers. According to the opinions back than, an extremely talented artists attended the academy.
After two years, he made a break in his studies and attended the Medical University, in order to better understand the function of muscles in the human body. Between 1930-1934, he went to Rome with the help of a scholarship. This time had a major influence on his works, but unfortunately most of those works got lost. One the most known work from that time is probably „Town at the sea” In 1935, continues his studies with Ágost Benkhard as his teacher.
His lifework consists mainly of graphics and etchings. It is characterised by his detailed elaboration, as f.ex in „Ludas Matyi”. He can only be found in the lower left corner, the rest of the images shows a crowded market scene. Beside the drawings and paintings, Szabó also did illustrations. In the 1930s, he met the editor of the magazine HÍD Lajos Zilahy, who commissioned him with the illustrations of his magazine.
Later several newspapers as well as book editors commissioned him with the illustrations of their papers. As recognition of his works, he was awarded for his book illustrations in 1948. He continuously worked on illustrations during the rest of his life. During his years in Paris, he drew the covers of the works by Dumas, Flaubert and Maupassant.
Vladimir Szabó passed away in 1991 and with his 86 he left a huge life work behind. His works can be found in numerous museums and galleries: Hungarian National Gallery, Museum for Beaux Arts, Déri Museum in Debrecen, Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs, Miskolc Gallery, Modern Gallery in Rom.
Year Biography
1905 He was born in Balassagyarmat
1925-1926 He was the pupil of Gyula Rudnay, István Csók, János Vaszary at the College of Fine Arts
  than after ten years interruption, he completed his studies next to Ágoston Benkhard
1931-1934 He got Roman scholarship
1959-1961 He took part in a study tour in France
  His teachers: Gyula Rudnay, István Csók, János Vaszary, Ágoston Benkhard
1930-1934 Roman scholarship
1933 Szinyei Society graphic prize
1953 Munkácsy-award
1954 Munkácsy-award
1974 Merited artist
1980 Outstanding artist
  Single exhibitions
1998 Memorial exhibitions, Városház Gallery, Vác
1993 Palots Museum, Balassagyarmat
1991 House of Arts, Szekszárd
1991 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1988 Castle Gallery of Veszpém, Veszprém
1987 Paint Room of Sopron, Sopron
1987 Sziráki Castle
1986 Castle Theatre, Budapest
1986 Tata Youth and Cultural Center
1985 Palots Museum, Balassagyarmat
1982 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1981 Csepel
1981 Kőszeg
1980 Art Gallery, Budapest
1978 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1978 Bartók Béla Cultural Centre, Szeged
1978 Castle Museum, Simontornya
1977 Art gallery, Győr
1977 Csontváry Room, Pecs
1977 Attila József Library, Miskolc
1975 Debrecen
1974 Vác
1974 Amsterdam
1974 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1973 Brussels (with Líviusz Gyulai, Arnold Gross)
1973 Balassagyarmat
1973 Csók Gallery, Budapest
1971 Ignis, Rome
1969 Gallery Szeged
1968 Sárospataki Gallery
1960 Salon des Independants, Paris
1941, 1942 National Salon, Budapest
1934 National Salon, Budapest
1934 Rome
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