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Vinczellér, Imre




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Imre Vinczellér was born the 6th May, 1953 in Baja. Between 1976 and 1980 he attended the Hungarian Academy for Fine Arts, with Tibor Bráda, László Patay and Miklós Borsos as his teachers.
Vinczellér’s paintings are surrounded by a fine nostalgia. Pieces and images of memory appear out of the mysterious atmosphere. The visible and what can only be guessed, the print of a sporadic leaf, the silhouetted figures – everything is in a state of dream at the border of reality and imagination. Certain emotions, difficult to paint, and soul conditions are eternalized on the paintings.
The space, the background floats through the bodies. Over time, the figures loose their materiality, they become silhouettes. Their contours fade, the forms are hardly visible, their presence just noticeable. The times long passed are only represented through isolated figures or objects. What is left over for the posterity is a hat, a cane, an instrument. The garden becomes the symbol for the idyll. It expressed the proximity of nature and at the same time it is the place where people meet, where families come together. The paintings are composed of fragments and traces of a lost time, which wants to be reanimated. Imre Vinczellér’s aim is not only to show the signs of the past, but he wants the past to become a real experience again.
Year Biography
1953 He was born in Baja
1967 from his uncle, László Kasselik painter and sculptor receives the first professional motivation,
  then he started to explore his family artistic tradition, tha he wrote studies
1971 His real master was Miklós Borsos, who encouraged him self-study and study tours
1973 He was on study trip in Paris
1974 The friendship of Menyhér Tóth had an indirect effect on his painting
1976-1980 Hungarian College of Fine Arts.
  He taught aesthetic-visual education for many years in the János Hunyadi secondary school in kalocsa,
  he taught drawing and art history in the St. Stephen's High School
1980 He took study trip in Australia, where he met with the culture of the Aborigines
1984 He is a member of the Art Fund
1985 He studied the painting of William Turner in Britain
1988 He was on study trip in Rome
  He is a member of the Creative Union of Artists Engravers
1991 He is a member of the Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts Association (the Association of Hungarian Painters)
From 1994 Member of the French Art, Science and Literature Academic Society
  His teachers: Tibor Bráda, László Patay, Miklós Borsos
2014 Bács-Kiskun County Award
2013 Prima Award
2008 Gundel Art Award
2006 Hungarian Academy of Art, Koller Award
2005 "Arts-Sciences-Lettres" Société Academique Francaise - Diplome de Medaille d'Or
2004 Gold Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary
  Grande Medaille d'Or, Cannes-M.C.A. Nemzetközi Kiállítás
2003 2. Grand Prix, Marseille-M.C.A. International Exhibition
2000 Pál Molnár C. Awward
1998 Award for Kalocsa City
1996 Bács-Kiskun County Arts and Sciences Award
  Single exhibitions
2014 Concert Pictures "- Kodály Art Festival, Cultural and Conference Centre, Kecskemét
2013 Cross-section of 60 "Danube Palace, Falk Miksa Hall, Budapest
2011 Light, sound, color, Koller Gallery, Budapest
2010 Castle Museum, Simontornya
2009 Cross section, Municipal Gallery, Kalocsa
  Municipal Gallery, Kalocsa,
2008 Mór Wosinszky County Museum, Szekszárd
2005 Kecskemét Spring Festival, Kecskemét Gallery (Peacock Room)
  Gallery Castle District, Budapest
2004 Contemporary Gallery, Budapest
  Volksbank Gallery, Kecskemet
2003 Pannonia Gallery, Sopron
2002 Pfister Gallery, Budapest
2001 Town Hall Banqueting Hall (Millennium exhibition), Kalocsa
2000 Defence casino, Baja
1999 Koller Gallery, Budapest
1998 Apor art days, Gellert Hotel (Tapestry Hall), Budapest
1997 Desi Huber Hall, Veszprém,
1996 Art Expo International Art Exhibition, Budapest
1995 Contemporary Gallery
1993 Kalocsa City Gallery (in memory of my parents), Kalocsa
  E. Gallery, Kecskemet
1990 Rathaus, Kirchheim unter Teck
  Cultural Centre (St. Stephen's day), Kalocsa
  Attila József Cultural Center, Baja
  Csók Gallery, Budapest
1989 Sopron Spring Days, Sopron
  Geza Mészöly Hall, Székesfehérvár
1988 Dutép-headquarters, Kecskemét
  Mednyánszky Hall, Budapest
  House of Culture, Dunavecse
1987 Cultural Center, Kiskunhalas
  Diósy Hall, Gyöngyö
  SZMT Cultural Center, Kecskemét
1986 Liszt memorial exhibition, Kalocsa
1982 Exhibition Hall, Kalocsa
  Kirakat Gallery, Baja
  Artists' Club, Kecskemét
1980 Cultural Center, Kiskőrös
  Hallmark Gallery, Melbourne
1976, 1978 Cultural Center Exhibition Hall, Kalocsa
  Selected group exhibitions
2014 Hungaricums' (the Collection of Kárpáti) Castle Garden Bazaar, Budapest
2013 Polyphony-2013 "/ MKISZ /, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Győr
  60 years, 60 artists, "Koller Gallery, Budapest
2012 Hungaricums', Hungarian Institute, London
  Solti 100' titled exhibition, Opera, Red Salon, Budapest
  ARS SACRA 'festival, Thumbnail Gallery, Buda Castle
  KalocsaART ', City Gallery, Kalocsa
2011 Intonation 2011 ', Contemporary Painting Exhibition
  (Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts Association) REÖK Palace, Szeged
  Tamás Kárpáti's collection, Vaszary Villa, Balatonfüred
  Day of Hungarian Painting, "Sacred Contemporary Painting", Semmelweis Salon, Budapest
  PIM Thomas EXTRA NIGHT -the Collection of Kárpáti, PIM, Budapest
2010 Hungarian icons' - Tamás Kárpáti's Collection, Castle Museum, Dobo Istvan, Eger
2009 Hungarian icons' - Tamás Kárpáti's Collection, Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest
2007 Circle of Friends of Pál Molnár-C. Exhibition, St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest
  Clown - Charity Exhibition, Palace of Arts, Budapest
2005 Dialogue 2005, Olof Palme House, Budapest
2004 53. Auction, Polgár Gallery, Budapest
  SALON 2004 - Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (FR)
  Pál Molnár-C. Circle of Friends Exhibition, Helikon Castle Museum, Keszthely
  Dialogue 2004, Olof Palme House, Budapest
  Salon International du Monde de la Culture et des Arts MCA Salons de la Gare Maritime, Cannes (FR)
2003 Master's Brush, Melina Mercuri Museum, Athens (GR)
  Salon International du Monde de la Culture et des Arts MCA Palais des Arts, Marseille (FR)
2002 From Dionysus to Eucharist, Tokaj Gallery, Tokaj
  The 2001 years, Art Mill, Szentendre
  New times, Pfister Gallery, Budapest
  Master of brushes, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
2000 In other case, in other times', Ferenc Móra Museum, Szeged
  Corpus regni, Art Mill, Szentendre
1999 Music for the eyes, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Music for the eyes, Deri Museum, Debrecen
1998 Music our eyes, Gallery of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary
  Ecce homo, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Veszprém 1848-1998 Artist Guild Exhibition, University of Veszprém, Veszprém
  Collage '98, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1997 White images, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  I. Renée Arts Festival, Budapest
  Hungarian Salon '97, Kunsthalle, Budapest
1996 Conquest and historical battles, Military History Museum, Budapest
  Art Expo, BNV, Budapest 
1994 Holocaust /1944-1994/, House of Art, Szekszárd 
  The Rape of Europe, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1992 Le sens Mougins Prestige, United Europe Foundation, Paris, Mougins (FR)
  The exhibition of Hungarian artists, Viborg County (DK)
1991 ART '91, Olympia Gallery, London (GB)
  Religious exhibition, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1990 ART '90, Olympia Gallery, London (GB)
1989 Artists Exhibition of Central Hungary, Gallery, Szolnok
1987 Young Artists' Studio, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1986, 1987, 1989, 1991 33, 34, 36, 38, Autumn Exhibition of Vásárhely, János Tornyai Museum, Hódmezővásárhely
1978, 1980, 1988, 1993 Winter Exhibition, József Katona Museum, Kecskemét
  Works in public collections
  St. Francis of Assisi. (Triptych), 1985, the Royal Chapel of Senlis (France)
  Dante and Beatrice, 1985, Kalocsa Gallery (Archbishop Treasury)
  In the ancient park, 1985, Kalocsa Gallery (Archbishop Treasury)
  Soft autumn wind, 1989, Kecskemét Gallery
  Blue Bird II., In 2002, the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
  Kalocsa king head, 1988, Károly Viski Museum, Kalocsa
  There is no escape, 1988, Károly Viski Museum, Kalocsa
  Pepper Fair in 1925, 2003, Pepper Museum, Kalocsa
  Public works
  Toth Menyhért, 1981, the County Council, Kecskemet
  Goethe-song, 1986, Trade School, Kalocsa
  Liszt in Kalocsa, 1986, Cultural Center, Kalocsa
  Colpach, 1986, School of Music, Kalocsa
  Weimar, 1986, KAGE, Kalocsa
  Hommage à Rembrandt, 1987, the County Council, Kecskemet
  Tapestry Weaving woman, 1987, the County Council, Kecskemet
  Blue Bird, 1989, Bank Corvinus, Budapest
  Konflis, 1989, Hotel Kalocsa
  Gothic, 1990, Corvin Bank, Budapest
  Before the concert, 1993, Hotel Gellert, Budapest
  Among the stuff (Green Bird), 1992 Civic Bank, Budapest
  Primavera, 1992, National Bank of Hungary, Budapest
  At the walls of Florence, in 1994, the National Bank of Hungary, Budapest
  Night, 1994, Gambling plc., Budapest
  Aves, 1995, Providencia, Budapest
  Aves IV., 1993, Corvin Bank, Budapest
  Panneau of Hévíz, 1994, Thermal Hotel Hévíz
  Panneau of Sárvár, 1995, Thermal Hotel, Sárvár
  Aves (Pannonian), 1996, Thermal Hotel Buk
  The millennium of Kalocsa, 2000, the Mayor's Office, Kalocsa
  Fragments, 2000, the Mayor's Office, Kalocsa
  Panneau of the Margaret Island, 2001, Thermal Hotel Margaret Island, Budapest
  St. Imre, 2006, in the Piarist High School Chapel, Budapest
  St. Jude Thaddeus, 2006, Holy Trinity Parish Church, Battonya
  Angels, 2007, Holy Trinity Parish Church, Battonya
  St. Margaret of the House of Arpad, 2008, in the St. Margaret High School Chapel, Budapest, Hungary
  Hommage à Georg Solti, 2009, Gundel, Solti Hall, Budapest
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