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Csikszentmihályi, Róbert




Róbert Csikszentmihályi was born on Januar 5th, 1940 in Budapest. At the age of eleven he was already determined to become an artist. Despite his struggles to get accepted to the College of Fine Arts, he had  a certain willpower and liveliness in him even as a beginner. During the 50's he had to cope with numerous difficulties; his father was held captive in a Soviet prison camp for two and a half years, while his mother had to survive traveling with the artist and his two siblings.
In 1965 Csíkszentmihályi began his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts under Pál Pátzay's and Iván Szabó's guidence. He has been exhibiting his art regularly since 1971. He was given the Exceptional Artist of the Hungarian Republic award in 2001. He pursued studies in Rome, India, and Sweden among other countries. Since 1964 he has been living in Szentendre, Hungary. In the earlier stages of his career he was especially inspired by artists of the figural tradition of Hungarian sculpture of the time, such as Miklos Borsos and Ferenc Medgyesi. In his early works he used materials found in nature, such as limestone and wood, while his later works also included cast iron.
At the turn of the 70's and 80's he created serial works. In the 90's he created a special human-animal series. Ferenc Hann made a remark about the artist: "Csíkszentmihályi's interest was focused on anatomy at the time of creation of these pieces. He was fascinated by the similarity between human and animal anatomy."
Year Biography
1940 Born in Budapest
1960-1965 College of Fine Arts
1963 Travels to Rome to study
1978 Studied in India
  Teachers: Szabó Iván, Pátzay Pál.
2014 The Artist of the Nation award
2013 Kossuth-award
2007 Honorary citizen of Szentendre
2001 Outstanding Artist
1995 Laureate Sculptor-award, Helyzetkép, Hungarian Sculpture, Kunsthalle, Budapest.
1988 Budapest City's Art Award
1983 Merited artist
1982 Layota Foundation's Grant, Grödinge, Sweden
  Hungarian-Rome Academy's Grant
  The award of "For the Human Enviroment" exhibition, Vigadó Gallery, Budapest.
1980 International Sculpture Symposium, Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Megara,
1979 Civitas fidelissima Award, II., National Medal Biennial, Sopron.
1977 Golden diploma, Faces and Fates, Portrait Biennial, Sopron.
1975 III. International Statuette Biennial Special Award, Kunsthalle, Budapest.
1974 Munkácsy Mihály-award
1972 Hungarian-Rome Academy's Grant
1971 National Statuette Biennial award, Pécs.
2013 Gorka Ceramics Museum, Verőce
2012 Aba-Novák Gallery, Leányfalu
2011 Vladimir Bužančić Galerija, Zágráb
2010 Oeuvre Exhibition, Művészetmalom, Szentendre
2008 Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest
  Ráday Gallery, Budapest
2005 Aulich-Art Gallery, Budpest
2004 Koller Gallery, Budapest.
2002 House of Arts, Pécs.
2001 Europa Gallery, Kapellen.
2000 Hungarian Academy, Róma.
1999 Budapest Gallery, Budapest.
1198 MOL Gallery, Szolnok.
1997 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
  Gallery Christoff, Szentendre.
  Art-X Gallery, Budapest.
1990 Galerie de Jaargetijden, Meppel.
  Csontváry Room, Pécs.
1988 Jipian Art Gallery, Knokke-zoute.
  Penta Hotel, Heidelberg.
1987 Kunstßetrieb, Dachau.
  Galerie Méros, Heidelberg.
1985 Hungart Impo Galerie, München.
  Art ’85 Kunstmesse, Basel.
1984 Szentendrei Képtár, Szentendre.
  Outdoor Exhibition, Boglárlelle.
  Dürer Room, Budapest.
1983 Hungarian Institution, Szófia.
  Hungarian Institution, Prága.
1982 Kunsthalle, Budapest.
  Hungarian Academy, Róma.
  Palazzo Colonna, Marino.
  Kernstok Terem, Tatabánya.
1980 Mini Gallery, Miskolc.
1977 Uitz Room, Dunaújváros.
1975 Community Centre, Tata
1974 Petőfi Literacy Museum, Budapest.
1970 Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre.
1967 Eötvös Club, Budapest.
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